What did he do to impress you?

I dated a guy and every time he came to pick me up for a date he was driving an extremely expensive car. Each date it was a different, nicer, more expensive car. Turns out he was a valet at Butler National Golf Club.

He did a headstand in an ice cold beer trough. So romantic.

For years my husband was telling me he was in the war in Peru. He had a big scar on his leg he told me that was from the war only to find out a year later it was from a boil removal.

To impress me he drove 2.5 hours to my house one night. Left a package and a card and drove back home the 2.5 hours.

Years ago while I was away at college, he told me that he had an IROC Camaro that was conveniently always in the shop. Every time he came to visit me he was driving a minivan.

My now husband surprised me by hiring my favorite musician Howie Day to come to my house for a private show for me and 25 of my friends.

In high school a boy told me he had a terminal illness and wanted a girlfriend before he passed away. This was obviously a lie so I, because 10 years later and he’s still working at 7-Eleven.

I met a guy in the bar who pretended to be in the mafia. He took me to a couple expensive restaurants, had the New York accent and I bought it until I met his family and he started talking totally normal.

I jumped off A railroad trestle into a river to impress a girl in high school – it worked.

He offered to set up a savings account for my kid on our second date. There was no third date.

I picked up volleyball to meet women… just married a volleyball player

He told me he knew how to make balloon animals and offered to make them for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. A couple weeks later he confessed he had watched YouTube videos all night to learn but was a total failure.

Yellow is my favorite starburst…my boyfriend filled a whole sleeve w yellow and resealed it. Sweet!

For my birthday he had mutual friends kidnap me and drive me blindfolded to a local airport. He then took me up in a small passenger plane he had rented and was piloting. What he didn’t tell me until we we’re trying to land was that this was his first flight without an instructor. He had to abort the first landing attempt and the air traffic controller coached him on how to land the plane. I thought I was going to die.