What did he do to annoy you?

Tries to sleep on the same pillow with me

My ex boyfriend tried telling me how to dress because sweatpants apparently aren’t real pants.

He interrupted our make out session when he burst into uncontrollable sobs. He went into his family issues, insecurities, hopes and dreams. It was our first date. It was also our last date.

When a guy is too cocky

Pooping with the door open!

I caught a guy i just started dating sniffing my dirty underwear. I was getting ready in the bathroom and found him in my dirty laundry

When they drink like a 22 year old frat boy, every single weekend

my husband will free blow his nose in the bathroom sink without any tissue. The sound it makes…makes me want to throw up and many times he doesn’t even clean the sink afterwards.

I can’t stand guys who can sit hours on end playing video games as adults.

When I tell a guy I’m an English education major and they say “ew”

Starting on the first date, he would start a conversation with “you’re not the type of person that would” need to order Popcorn at a movie. Then at Starbucks “You’re not the type of person that would need to buy one of those expensive drinks….” It got old really fast.

When men take longer to get ready than the women

When a guy does NO manscaping but he needs it badly

We went out for a steak dinner last night. My husband boxed up The bone of his prime rib so he could suck and gnaw on it all the way home. 

The only response they have to hearing I’m Puerto Rican is “that’s hot”