There oughtta be a drug that can make him/her ________.

A pill that reminds everyone to wash their hands after using wash room

There should be a drug that makes men WANT to clean

They better make a drug that’ll make him get a job.

I wish there was a drug that made him invisible.

There ought to be a drug to make him keep his mouth shut when somebody wants to talk politics.

Make you appear ten pounds lighter.

His face can mimic any attractive actor of my choice.

That would allow perfect aim when the boys use the bathroom. No more clean up it could be a game changer.

I wish there was a pill that i could gave to my son that would stop him from playing viedo games and get him to do his school work.

If there was a drug to make him: Have instant beer goggles -so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym as often.

Quit stuttering when encountering big boobed women.

Replace the toilet paper roll when the rolls are right next to the holder.

There needs to be a drug that makes her get ready in under 15 minutes.

Makes her less crazy when it comes to food. Literally kicked over a table when her burrito order was made wrong.