The way you calm down when you’re full of rage.

I calm my rage by playing a video game where I can kill things and scream obscenities at the TV. My husband thinks it’s hilarious.

I think about the fact that Britney Spears was able to survive 2007.

Wendy’s frosty and fries

Calm my rage by holding my breath

Eat a piece of gum and focus on chewing the anger out

My husband loves to sit and build something crazy intricate out of legos when he’s upset!

I work in HR and to calm my rage I just remind myself that prison is no place for a big girl who loves watching Netflix on the couch with wine and chocolate.

Listen to Rico suave by Gerardo

Color in my swear word coloring book

Drink an entire bottle of wine

I make shadow puppets in my car

I force my dog to let me hold him for a minimum of 5 minutes. If my dog isn’t around then any dog will do.

I do algebra to destress, or bake.

I think about how much Cleveland sucks