The strange request he or she made of you. And did you do it?

He asked me to take his credit card and go buy something nice at Victoria’s Secret. No problem!!

She asked me stop talking to her puppy with a puppy voice. I did not stop.

He was moving to Hawaii for an amazing job for 3 years and he asked me to “wait” for him!!! Outta his mind.

He asked me to be responsible for the trash chore. No chance.

An old boyfriend was into Fran drescher and asked me to talk dirty to him in her voice

He asked me if I’d wear the same perfume his ex-wife did… and my answer was um… NO.

After 14 years of marriage, my wife asked me change my brief to boxer. Not happening.

After two months of dating, learned that my girlfriend at the time was engaged to another guy. She asked me to return the ring to her fiance for her because she wanted to be with me. I said hell no.

My girlfriend is a mind reader and requested that I steal my boss’s underwear for her. She thinks this will help read his mind to help get me a raise.

My ex-husband always encouraged me or requested that I take up smoking. I’m a non-smoker. He also always wanted me to get a tattoo. He had none. You did

I was on a dating site, and a guy’s first message to me said he would do whatever I wanted, as long as, *during the act*, I called him Tina. I said no.