The Strange Reason You Were Fired

I got fired for calling in sick to my bus girl job to go see Rick Springfield in concert. Totally worth it.

I was a bartender. Went on a 2 week vacation. Was fired when I got back because manager said we were busier and made more money while you were gone.

I was fired because I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the office, and the boss was allergic. Seriously, that’s the reason I was given.

For smelling to awesome. Too much perfume.

Strange reason I got fired was because I didn’t consistently refill the coffee pot.

For spilling my morning shake all over my laptop and not telling anyone for a week that it was broken. I was just sitting around doing nothing.

My father fired me because every morning I did not stop in his office and say hi to him.

For leaving a banana peal on the floor to do a Mario Kart prank

HR summoned me to a private room. Got the whole song and dance. This is your last day. Here’s your package, etc. I looked at the name on the paperwork and realized it wasn’t my name. He said wait, you’re Melanie right?! I said yes but that’s not my last name!!! It was for my coworker….never will I forget the emotions in that 20 mins!!!

I was fired from an airline for NOT shaving my legs

I was fired for working too hard . I was told I was making the rest of the department look bad

I told my Field Superintendent that my General Foreman was an idiot unbeknownst to me they were best friends.