The dumb thing you did because you were in love

I was accepted to Auburn for veterinary medicine and turned it down to follow my boyfriend back to Indiana. No longer together. Dumb!

Dumb decision was when we were in college. I let him cheat off of me and he passed his final. I should’ve let him fail because we broke up right after that.

He convinced me to send him nudes and now I’m horrified I did such a thing. He’s very convincing!!!

I would eat foods I despised (like oysters), because I knew he loved them. I got sick every time.

Dumb decision I made was to do be in a long distance relationship while living in southern California for 4 years. I never hooked up with any of them hotties!

I quit my job, gave up my dog, and moved from a beach apartment in sunny south FL and moved to Ireland where it rained every day for 3 months…

Moved to D.C. To continue an affair with a very powerful political MARRIED business man. (I’m now back in Chicago…single)

In high school my parents were going to send me on a summer vacation to Europe. I said no because I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend. We broke up before I even would’ve left.

I moved in with his mother who is obsessed with him. Almost 8 years later we are still not married and living with “mom”.

Got my belly button pierced because he said it would look sexy. All it got was infected.

In college, I continued to do his laundry after we broke up hoping this would get him back because I was so in love.

I worked at a gas station, robbed it to get my boyfriend out of jail. He is now my husband.

Moved to Alaska straight out of high school to be with military high school sweetheart. Gave up going to college. Had two kids. Now I have no idea where he is.

The dumb decision that I made was that I quit my job and got a job at the same office she was at. She ended up breaking up with me a month later and she started dating someone else at the same office.