That text you received that wasn’t meant for you.

Happy Birthday to the worst friend ever.
From my dad: “What’s up sweet cheeks can’t wait for tonight.. love daddy…” This was for my mother
“We are here and we’re sitting on your couch.”
I keep getting texts from Joe reminding me when and where the bowling tourneys are and to let Bob know! I don’t know Joe or Bob and I DON’T BOWL!
I received a sexy text from my step dad that was meant for my mom. There were graphic details that cannot be read on the air.
My number is often mistaken for a body shop and I received a message stating “I’d like to get an estimate for bodywork please.”
The text I got was, “I know you stole my sh**. I’m following you right now.” The second text was ” Stop going around the same block and give me my Sh** a@@h*%#.
Clean up the blood in the kitchen
Can I get in an estimate for replacing my bumper?
I received an accidental text, “it’s baby making time.”
You wanna try the crowbar or the baby carrots tonight.
My boss texted me.. “I saw your Ad online. I am drug and disease free and I can meet you anywhere” then he brought me into his office for an awkward apology
I received a text that said “Are you feeling horny now? What are you wearing?” It was from my brother!