If your boss made you give him/her your life plan, what would you say?

All I know is that I want to be a Golden Girl when I retire.

I’m going to be as good of a boss as you but without the constant cleavage staring.

Sell my house, quit this job, and move out to CA so my wife can chase her dream. (Actual plan)

I would tell my boss that my plan is to hold on to this job until I can find another that’s better.

I would quit my job, start an animal shelter, hiring all the people around me who love saving animals as much as I do.

Get pregnant and quit.

Quit this Horrible job and be a better husband and father.

My year life plan to my boss would be to continue to fight the urge not to slap you for saying “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN” & “LITERALLY” 99 times a day.

My life plan is to train my Morkie puppy to use a toilet.

Changing my name! Flying to Vegas and getting married this summer.

My life plan is to have lunch with Jennifer Aniston and then I don’t care what else happens.

Get a knee replacement, visit my summer home more often, work less hours and get a bunch of Botox.

Get drunk and make out with bosses daughter at Christmas office party.

I plan to win the lottery and drink piña coladas all day every day.