If you were to take yourself on a hot date, where would you go and what would you do?

I would take myself to the private booth at the Melting Pot, stuff myself full of cheese and chocolate, and take my pants off as soon as I got home. 

I would buy myself a front row ticket to a Bon Jovi concert so I can throw my granny panties at him!

I’d go underwear shopping at Walmart.

Fancy hotel, dinner, drink, light dancing…back to my suite for hot tub & in-room massage!!!

I’d take myself to a spa to be pampered and then dinner at Mastro’s in Chicago and night cap at the 95th at the Hancock.

Pole dancing class followed by some wine and dinner.

Salsa dancing and a carriage ride.

I’d take myself on a hotttt date to: Surf & Turf Dinner, followed by a theatre show or stand up, followed by drinks and dancing at the club. 

Cheescake Factory and then take a whole cheesecake home.

I’m a mother of four, so my idea of taking myself on a hot date would be a solo trip to target and trying on all of the yoga pants in a small fitting room, alone, with coupons!

I’d go through an extra soapy carwash and then get a burrito with extra guacamole.

Dine in at Taco Bell

I would take myself to gameworks and play as many games as possible to win tickets and win myself a giant stuffed animal

Dress up real hot and go to the Lions Den adult super store and mess with the toys on display.