An unusual punishment you received as a kid

On Christmas one year my sister & I literally only got coal in our stockings because we didn’t clean our rooms. Worst Christmas ever.

The punishment I gave was I cancelled Halloween for my 8 year old. Picked her up from school and took her home and didn’t answer the door for trick or treaters.

I was fighting with my siblings in the car. So my Mom pulled over, had me stand with my arms straight out holding my box of 64 Crayons, which she broke one by one until I stopped crying. She kept picking the best colors.

My dad was Notorious for odd punishments. He once took all of our clothes, put them in a big garbage bag, except for one outfit each and made us wear the same outfit for a week to school.

My strange punishment was being forced to eat only hotdogs for a week after complaining about dinner..

I told my mom her spaghetti tasted and looked like crap. My dad made me use the spaghetti spatula and walk around the yard and clean up the dog crap and say “this looks like crap” each time I picked some up.

He made me eat saltine crackers and peanut butter.

My mom snapped my phone in half and threw it into the ocean off of the balcony on the cruise ship we were on.

I have a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old daughter. When they fight, I take one of my shirts, put the two of them in it and make them hug until they stop fighting.

I tried to pit my mom and dad against each other, but they found out and made me watch them kiss, passionately.

When my children stomp down the stairs, my fiancé makes them go all the way up to the third floor, then back down to the first floor and back up 20 times to promote quiet walking.

One day when I was pretty young I was with my mom and grandma. They put me in the trunk of a car and drove me around a parking lot.