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Escape the cold at MSI
Take advantage of 11 free days this month

By Jackie McGoey
When harsh winter winds are whipping through the air outside and temps seem like they are getting lower and lower, the last thing you want to do is leave the house. Your kids, however, are itching for an escape.  

A great compromise? The Museum of Science and Industry. With an abundance of (attached!) parking, three restaurants and more than 20 exhibits, you can easily spend the whole day there and still not see and do everything (all the reason to go back, right?). Not to mention there are 11 free days this month, so you really don’t have any excuse not to visit.

Here are some of the exhibits your family will want to check out:

Temporary exhibits – Catch them before they’re gone

Brick by Brick (Through Feb. 12)


Legos are so much cooler when they are out from under your feet and built into amazing replicas of some of the world’s most iconic structures. The hands-on play area is the cherry on top — good luck getting your kids to leave.

Where the Wild Things Are: The Works of Maurice Sendak (Through Feb. 20)


View 50 original illustrations from the author of the beloved children’s book. Plus, your wild things can take a ride in Max’s boat and let their own imaginations soar.

Permanent exhibits – Well-loved and still a treat every time

Science Storms


Curiosity abounds as you learn the science behind natural weather phenomena such as tornados, avalanches, tsunamis and lightning. Foucault’s pendulum is a science museum staple and demonstrates the rotation of our spinning earth.

Transportation Gallery


Explore planes, trains and automobiles of the past. Look up from the lower level and view a Supermarine Mark 1A Spitfire suspended in flight or view “The World’s Fastest Train,” a 999 Steam Locomotive.

YOU! The Experience


The body slices and prenatal development specimens are fascinating to observe and interactive stations such as vein viewer and hamster wheel give you a real-time look at how your body functions.

Special extra – Great for littles

Circus hallway


Blink and you may walk right through this funhouse come to life. It’s filled with dioramas, mirrors and super cute photo ops.

Jackie McGoey is a mom of two girls and digital editor at Chicago Parent.

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Mom to one, Katie is a marketing copywriter by day, worker-outer whenever possible and valiant lover of top 40 hits.

The value of tradition beyond the holidays
By Katie Niekerk
As a relatively recent transplant (from California, no less), winter in the Midwest has been an adjustment. Not all bad, mind you—December’s a sleigh ride through glittering lights, holiday cheer and snow! There’s snow!

January is when the blues kick in. The holidays are over, the air is cold and my 7-year-old son grows cranky from less time outside. This is the month I proclaim, “Something must be done!” What that something is varies from year to year, but this month, I’m thinking about the value of tradition. Events and experiences that bring friends and family together for the simple purpose of appreciating time together.

The holidays, of course, are ripe with ritual, from cookie decorating to seasonal movie marathons. But it seems after New Year’s Day, tradition goes out the window and it’s back to the slog of routine. And why? Because the passage of time mandates we abandon fun things?

This month, as the fervor of the holidays fades and it’s back to business as usual, let’s keep tradition in the mix. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate thing that requires major planning, advance notice and money. I’m talking just a little something special to look forward to. Saturday lunch at a kid-friendly restaurant with a group of friends and their little ones. Cooking dinner as a family on Thursdays.

And not all traditions have to center on food. How about family board game night every Tuesday? A simple at-home science experiment every Friday? Or, choose a day of the week to get outside and head to the Maggie Daley Park ice ribbon. Whatever it is, traditions help establish family culture. They tell a story about what’s important to you, and they give kids a sense of routine outside the daily go-to-school grind.

As 2017 kicks off, let’s keep celebrating tradition. The holidays might be over, but family rituals are timeless.

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See where the power of play can take you at the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest exhibit, Brick by Brick! Explore architectural marvels—all rendered in LEGO bricks—like the Roman Colosseum, the Golden Gate Bridge, the International Space Station, and more. This hands-on look at engineering and architecture also challenges you to put your own brick creations to the test under challenging conditions. For more information, visit