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Summer brain drain worries? Robots to the rescue
By Melissa Haak

A trip to the Museum of Science and Industry is always a great way to sneak in some educational fun. This summer they’re taking it to a STEM level with the return of Robot Revolution. Developed by MSI and debuted in 2014, Robot Revolution has been touring the country and is finally back home in a new space with new robots and just as much fun.

Robot Revolution, located on the first floor special exhibit space, does require an extra (timed) ticket for entry. What I enjoyed about the space this time, as opposed to its previous run, is that everything was in one open room with one entrance/exit. This meant that my bigger kids could wander and explore and I could still find them. It also means we didn’t get dumped into a gift shop at the end, which is a great relief for my wallet!

Upon entry you are greeted by one of the new robots – RoboThespian – and my youngest ones really enjoyed going through his different voices and sayings. Inside the room, you can see a variety of robots and technology that cover everything from medicine, technology and industrial droids. It’s all very interesting to kids and adults alike.

Hands-on areas include a table where kids can build their own robots with connecting blocks, a great STEM activity and introduction to the methods of robotic and coding. My 6-year-old built one that lit up and spun in circles! There are also many robots you can make move or work with the press of a button, including one that dances and stands upside down.

There are timed demonstrations of bots that play soccer drones and more. Kids (and adults) can challenge robots in games of 21 and tic-tac-toe and you can even try your hand using a non-invasive surgical robot. Each robot offered us the opportunity to talk about and try to guess what it was used for before learning about it and watching it move.

It was fun to see the kids figure it out and experience all the different ways in which science and technology are being used today.

Robot Revolution is not included in Museum Entry and requires an additional timed-entry ticket, $12 for adults and seniors and $9 for children ages 3-11.

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Summertime #goals: Embrace every moment
By Katie Niekerk

June is one of my favorite months, and this likely stems from childhood. Those last few weeks of school are glorious—the homework is waning; the weather is perfect and the endless stretch of summer is finally within grasp.

I’m reminded of all this as I drop my 7-year-old off each morning for his last days of first grade. The current buzz phrase among parents at drop-off is some variation of, “Can you believe how time flies?” Cliché, yes, but it really does seem like the first day of school was merely weeks ago.

It makes me realize—or remember, rather—that every day we spend with our kids is to be cherished. Sometimes I look at my son and this ache of wistfulness washes over me. He’s still little, now, and he still needs me. I’m his personal chef, chauffeur, social planner and checkbook. I’m who he wants when he has a bad dream, needs a Band-Aid or has a rough day with a friend.

This won’t be true forever. As he grows, he’ll continue to find other sources of comfort, entertainment and friendship. And that’s a beautiful thing—I’ll know we’ve done a good job as parents when he’s an independent being who can think for himself. But, still, I’ll miss these days with all my heart.

As we finalize plans for summer camp and make our first visits to the pool, I’m making it a goal to be present and savor the next few months. That’s a challenge at times, with places to be and logistics to figure out and tired, hungry children who’ve spent too much time in the sun. But someday I’ll miss those moments, too. I’ll miss his 7-year-old attitude, how cranky he gets when he needs a blood sugar spike. All of it—the good moments and bad—make up the greater whole.

The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy every moment you’re blessed with.

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