MIX Morning Mindbender


August 16, 2017

This is what your wife or girlfriend is always thinking.

You need new clothes.

August 15, 2017

This little thing means so much to her.

Asking how was her day?

August 14, 2017

67% of adults admit to this.


August 11, 2017

This the most important trait when dating.


August 9, 2017

22% of men lie about this.

Their number.

August 8, 2017

Women who describe themselves as this are more likely to cheat.

“lonely” or “virile”

August 7, 2017

What percent of people say they think about their ex too much?


August 3, 2017

Zoosk users are the most active during these months.

July and August

August 2, 2017

How many months do a couple date before they become engaged?

39 months

August 1, 2017

If he looks at this, he has no interest in you.

He looks at your face.

July 31, 2017

Women find this sexy when men do this.


July 27, 2017

This is the kinkiest zodiac sign.


July 26, 2017

Guys lose interest in a girl when she does this.

She uses bad grammar.

July 25, 2017

It takes this long to see if you have chemistry with your date.

15 minutes

July 24, 2017

Girls search for someone who looks like this person the most on dating apps.

Barack Obama

July 19, 2017

Your man loves to hear you say this.

You look great!

July 18, 2017

What is the worst thing you can drink for your waistline?


July 17, 2017

At what age are you too old to go to the clubs?


July 13, 2017

At what age does the chances of him committing plunge?


July 12, 2017

What the average amount of time it takes to say “I love you” after dating?

3 months

July 11, 2017

Women notice this about you first

How you dress

July 10, 2017

First thing you notice about their apartment.

How clean it is

June 29, 2017

Men over 40 should never say


June 28, 2017

When you do this, you turn him off.

Being a negative talker

June 27, 2017

When a guy woke up from anesthesia, he did this.

He proposed to his girlfriend.