Koz & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/22/18

2p Hour

The day has finally come – the office construction is (mostly) over and everyone is back in one space! We walked off the elevator today and saw actual people milling around! And furniture! We also saw some of the walls are giant dry erase boards! We don’t trust ourselves to know which walls are acceptable, so we just won’t pick up a dry-erase marker. We witnessed the first person to make a mess on the new floor (luckily, it wiped right up!) and Jen got lost trying to find the bathroom. Welcome back, everyone!

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were on last night, and for the first time ever they had an official host – Kristen Bell! She did a tremendous job with her hosting duties. Speaking of tremendous, did you see Rita Moreno? Jen had her as best dressed, and then she googled Moreno and found out she’s 86 years-old! Jaw dropping gorgeous, that woman. The cast of ‘This is Us’ won an award for ensemble acting, and some of the younger actors weren’t in enough episodes to qualify for a seat at the table. Some of the older actors gave up their plus-ones to bring the kid actors along! Such a sweet gesture.

SHOW NOTES 1/19/18

2p Hour

We are still talking about the gruesome injury the Bulls’ Kris Dunn suffered during Wednesday’s game. Dunn went up for a dunk and came down on his face! We will spare you the video replay, but Kris dislocated some teeth and is currently under the team’s concussion protocol! The Bulls are winning, so that’s the upside. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

Tomorrow will mark the 2nd annual Women’s March here in Chicago. We always recommend public transit for these types of things, and both CTA and Metra are stepping up their service to accommodate the extra traffic. Gates open at Grant Park at 9am with the rally beginning at 11. Here is everything you need to know!

3p Hour

Koz has been complaining about the woes of the kitchen remodel he’s currently in the middle of, and anyone who has done work on their house knows what that’s like. It’s stressful! Koz and his wife have been washing dishes in the bathtub for 2 weeks! Well, Koz’s wife Kristen sent Jen a video of Koz doing just that, and let’s just say he made some interesting choices. Kristen came up with 3 kitchen remodel questions that she thought Koz should know and we blackmailed him – get 2 out of 3 questions right and we won’t release the video. He got zero right. Enjoy the video!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about chores! The average parent says they would add an additional $1.50 per week to their kid’s allowance if they did this. What is it? Your clues are ‘floor’ and ‘electric’
Answer: vacuuming
Congrats to Adam in Aurora for getting it right! We will Kill a Half Hour again on Monday at 3:20!

4p Hour

We try to avoid talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but their new baby girl was born so we kind of had to – especially given the name! Kimye decided to name their daughter Chicago, a nod to the singer’s hometown. Now we don’t really reject the idea of Chicago as a first name, but we do object to the nickname she already has – Chi. No one who lives here refers to this city as “the Chi” though it is often used by visitors. Stop trying to make that happen.

It’s Florida Friday on the Lack of Intelligence Report! It took place in Tampa when a 28 year-old got drunk, pulled up to a bank drive-thru and thought it was a Taco Bell! The bank manager found the guy unconscious at the drive-thru and started to beat on the car window for some time until he was able to wake him up. When he came to, he asked the bank manager for a burrito before he took off. When the cops showed up, the found the guy in the parking lot with the engine still running. If you missed the report, you can always catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Jen’s 2018 win streak continues on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz! She tied Chuck 4-4 on today’s episode, and since all ties go to Jen her record is now 37-3 with a 13 game winning streak! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. The new limited edition Air Jordan 4 has been released. They cost $225 and they’re made from Levi’s denim. What company makes Air Jordans?

2. Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife will pay off $76M of Nigeria’s debt over the next 20 years. Bill Gates is the co-founder of what software company?

3. At $20M a year, Ellen Pompeo is now the highest paid actress in a TV drama. What’s the name of the hospital drama she stars in on ABC?

4. The new FOX series 9-1-1 starring Connie Britton has already been renewed for a second season. What city does 911 take place in?

5. Michael Sorrentino from Jersey Shore will plead guilty to tax evasion today and will face up to 15 years in prison. What is Michael’s Jersey Shore nickname?


If you want to be our next contestant, we will play again on Monday at 5:20!

We can’t get enough of all those nostalgia posts that circulate on social media. Koz saw one today asking “what show were you not allowed to watch as a kid?” and right away Koz thought of A-Team! His folks said it was too violent. Jen was not allowed to watch Nikelodeon’s You Can’t Do That on Television because they kids had bad manners. So we wanted to hear from kids today – what show are you not able to watch? Jacob (12) isn’t able to watch the Walking Dead. Hannah (14) wants to watch Teen Mom but her parents say no (she sneaks it sometimes anyway. Maddie (13) can’t watch Stranger Things and Tony (12) is banned from the Simpsons and South Park! Thanks for all the calls today. We love talking to kids!

6p Hour

San Antonio dealt with some funky weather this week, and it resulted in a great story between a cop and a citizen. The Sequin Police Department posted on Facebook this week that freezing temps resulted in them writing an excuse note for a man to his boss, excusing him from work. You have to read it!

The season hasn’t even started yet, but the Cubs are already in 7th place! Their World Series odd are 10-1 right now, while the Yankees and Dodgers are favored in that order.r Rumor has it Jake Arrieta is headed to the Phillies. All we know is, we are already for spring training to begin!

Thanks for listening again today! We will see you Monday starting at 2pm!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/17/18

2p Hour

Did you catch the meteor show last night? If you witnessed a quick burst of light, that’s what you saw. It was a bit more dramatic in Michigan, registering as a 2.0 earthquake, but we definitely got enough of a show to make social media explode with video. Check it out here, along with the full story.

If you download the Mix app, you can win $100! Yep, just for downloading an app. With the extra money in your pocket, maybe you need a suggestion for how to spend it. How about on an Oreo cookie subscription box? Amazon has made this dream a reality! For $20 a month, you’ll get a mystery sampling as well as a collection of other Oreo-related products. It’s the perfect gift for the cookie lover in your life, or just treat yourself!

3p Hour

When Jen’s not working here at the station, she’s coaching figure skating. She had a new student this weekend that was absolutely terrified for his first time on the ice. She could see it in his eyes, and has seen kids like this before who never come back for a second lesson. Well, Jen made it her mission to not let that happen. She had him repeat the mantra “I believe I can do this” while walking back and forth a few times. Jen let him get off the ice early with the promise he would be back next week. They even shook on it to close the deal. His mom seemed pleasantly surprised that he got that kind of coaching and encouragement, so we are going to follow up with Jen on Monday to see how it turned out!

It’s time to Kill a Half Hour! Here’s today’s question: 30% of women say if they could change this one thing about their husband, they would. What is it? Your clues are: ‘eating’ and ‘messy’
Answer: table manners
Congrats to Chris in Joliet for guessing the right answer today!

4p Hour

We have a small break from the snow (for now) but we kind of wish we had a fresh batch on the way. There’s some really cool things you can do with it that you likely never considered. Maple snow candy? Giant colored marbles? Yeah, all that and more. Check out the list here and bookmark it for your next snow day!

We all know construction is it’s own season here in Chicago – a season that never ends! Koz survived the Jane Addams update and Jen is currently trying to survive the circle interchange rehab. Well, there’s a new project happening and it’s supposed to last in to 2020! Starting Monday, Cicero ave will lose one lane in each direction near Midway. The project aims to widen the airport pedestrian bridge and will certainly cause a fair amount of traffic headaches along the way.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Germany when some dude broke into a house, ransacked the joint and then fell asleep on the sofa with everything he tried to steal on the floor next to him. The homeowners found the 40 year-old their in their yoga room when they got home. Cops were called and the man was arrested. Shockingly, he was under the influence. If you missed the report at 4:50, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured contestant Jeff from Elk Grove! Jeff gave it all he had, but was taken down by the Jonas Brothers. Jen won 5-4 and her record goes up to 36-3, continuing her 2018 winning streak. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. A Prince tribute concert with remastered and never-before released material will play in Minneapolis in April. What was Prince’s favorite color?

2. Hugh Wilson, the creator of the WKRP in Cincinnati has passed away at the age of 74. What state is Cincinnati in?

3. Betty White turns 96 today. What TV show did Betty White play Rose and share a home with three other women in Miami?

4. Glen Frey’s widow is suing his doctor and a hospital for wrongful death. Glen Frey was a founding member of what band?

5. The Jonas Brothers have activated their Instagram account and people are freaking out about a JoBro reunion. Name the three Jonas Brothers.


If you want to test your pop culture knowledge, call us at 312-591-6800 and you could be the one to end Jen’s streak!

For a while during our office construction we have had just one single-person bathroom for everyone – knock before you enter. Some interesting things have been found in there and yesterday someone found a tin can lid in the toilet bowl. So the memo on the door today stated: “TO WHOMEVER DROPPED THIS IN THE TOILET…PLEASE STOP. OPEN YOUR CAN OF BEANS OVER THE SINK. THANK YOU.” and included a picture of the crime. That’s definitely a memo we never thought we’d see. So we want to know…your office issued a memo for WHAT?! Kristen called to tell us she had to issue a memo because people were putting their “nose gold” on the wall of the office! But that’s nothing compared to Amber, whose office had to issue a memo because there was a “poop-a-trator” among them. Gross! Thanks for the calls!

6p Hour

There’s a woman in Georgia who took her food cravings to a whole new level by having her maternity photo shoot at a Taco Bell! She said she’s always loved Taco Bell, but found herself craving it even more while pregnant with her second child. The pictures are actually really beautiful! You have to see it to believe it.

Thanks for listening again today!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/16/18

2p Hour

We’ve reached the point of winter where we don’t want to be outside anymore. Koz overheard a man in the building lamenting the 2 block walk to his usual lunch spot, saying it was just too cold to do it. After the last few weeks of frigid temps and seemingly round-the-clock snowfall, let’s give that guy the benefit of the doubt. We are over it too!

Have you seen any of the ads paid for by the state of Wisconsin? They are trying to lure Chicagoans up north with the promise of a better, cheaper, easier life. The ads have been spotted on the Brown line and in bars, restaurants, and gyms. The weather isn’t better up there, plus the Packers, so that’s 2 in the ‘no thanks’ column. But it brings up the fact that Bears fan Danica Patrick is now dating Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. We can’t help but feel like we’ve lost one…

3p Hour

The list of the ugliest buildings in each state have come out – can you guess what won (or lost?) in Illinois? It’s the Thompson Center, with an honorable mention going to the Marina Towers! We both think those structures are pretty cool, but what do we know?

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is about our habits. IF you’ve got one of these you’ll use it about 2,100 times before you throw it away. What is it? Your clues: ‘caffeine’ and ‘serving’. Answer: coffee mug. Congrats to Leslie in Lake Zurich for guessing the correct answer!

4p Hour

The Crate & Barrel store on Michigan ave is set to close it’s doors. Everything is heavily discounted now, but they plan to shut it down on January 24th. What will be in it’s place? A massive Starbucks! That will become the new official hang out of the afternoon show! Can you imagine the incredible smells on Michigan ave?

We gave away another pair of Walk the Moon tickets to one lucky texter! Erica also qualified to win the backstage tour and meet and greet with the band. We will have another chance for you to win tomorrow at 4:20!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened back in July of 2017 when the Boston Herald interviewed people at the now infamous Hawaiian Emergency Management officials. You know, the ones who sent an accidental ‘incoming ballistics missile’ alert to the entire state last weekend? Well, in this interview they can be seen with passwords written on post-it notes attached to computer screens. It seems this department has as history of maybe not being as careful as they should be.

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured Melissa the travel coordinator from Elgin. It ended in a 4-3 for Jen, and her record is now 35-3. Jen has not lost yet in 2018. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Chicago Bears fan and race car driver Danica Patrick is dating NFL quarterback Aaron Rogers. Who does Aaron Rogers play for?

2. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson showed off some PDA on the beach last weekend. What band is Chris Martin the lead singer of?

3. Next season will be the final season of ABC’s sitcom Modern Family starring Ed O’Neil. What character did Ed play in the FOX sitcom Married With Children?

4. Chip and Joanna Gaines are hiring! They have 25 jobs to fill at their company Magnolia Market in Texas. What is the state capital of Texas?

5. There is now a Harry Potter themed apartment in Scotland you can stay at with a Gryffindor dorm styled master bedroom. In the first Harry Potter movie, what train platform did Harry leave from to head off to Hogwarts?

Platform 9 ¾

If you want to be the first to beat Jen in 2018, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Koz went grocery shopping over the weekend and he always feels compelled to leave the shelf better than it was before he got there. It’s an old habit of working in a grocery store making sure everything is facing the front. He respects the hard work that goes into it! Jen learned from her first job at a movie theater not to use the butter topping on the popcorn. It’s not butter. We wanted to know – what’s the thing your first job taught you for the rest of your life?
Joshua learned from his job at an ice cream shop to just smile and make the customer happy, even if it means giving an extra scoop that ends up in the garbage. Carrie faces her money all in the same direction because that’s the way she was taught to organize a cash register at her first job. Laura still to this day self-serves her frozen yogurt with the famous Dairy Queen swirl! That is some mesmerizing work! Thanks for all of the great calls today!

6p Hour

We were talking about Bill Murray making a return to SNL this past weekend, and we learned that Will Farrell is coming back to host again in a few weeks! It will be Farrell’s 4th time hosting the show, and the musical guest will be Chris Stapleton.

Woo hoo! We have no winter advisories listed for tomorrow! It’s been a rough couple of days commuting around, so it will be nice to just deal with the normal madness of trying to get where you need to go.

Thanks for listening! We will talk to you tomorrow starting at 2!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/15/18

2p Hour

Snow this morning meant busting out the shovels and snowplows! Koz talked about the seemingly excessive amount of times his city’s snowplow came down his street. It looked like it only snowed on his sidewalk! At least it’s a lighter volume of traffic on this holiday. Glass half full!

Did you see the end of the Vikings/Saints game last night? Wow! That’s one of those plays that will go down in history! It sent the Vikings deeper into the playoffs in a year where their city is host to the big game, and sent the Saints packing their bags in the final seconds. Vegas gamblers were not happy because the Vikings took a knee instead of going for the extra point, ruining the spread and losing money for many. If you haven’t seen the final play of the game, check it out here.

3p Hour

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel set a tourism goal for a Chicago a while back – 55 million annual visitors – and that number was reached 2 years early! It’s good news for the city, as tourism brings in revenue as well as creating jobs for the city. Let’s keep it up, because we all know this is a great place to visit!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about travel. Just over 10% of people say it’s ok for somebody to take this off during a flight. What is it? Your clues today are: ‘feet’ and ‘bare’. Answer: your socks. Congrats to Theresa in Joliet for guessing the right answer! We will Kill a Half Hour again tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

Did you know you could win $100 just for downloading the Mix app? It’s true! We are giving away $100 per day to one lucky person who downloads and registers! So easy!

All week long we are giving away tickets to ‘Walk the Moon’ next Friday at the Aragon. Today’s text winner also qualifies for a back stage tour and meet and greet with the band! Your next chance to win is tomorrow at 4:20!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened in southern California. That’s where a vehicle jumped a center divider and crashed into the second floor of a dental office. There were 2 people in the car that was obviously traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver admitted to using narcotics (shocker!) and miraculously no one was severely injured in the crash. The pictures are unbelievable!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz was a “small world” scenario – our contestant was Ryan, who turned out to be Jen’s teenage daughter Michaela’s math teacher! A lot was on the line in addition to Jen’s 9 game win streak – if Jen lost to Michaela’s teacher she wouldn’t be able to go home! Lucky for Jen, the game ended in a 4-4 tie, so it was the best outcome possible for all! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. It was announced at the CES last week that the Game Boy is coming back this year as a retro game. What company made the Game Boy?

2. Former President Obama is the first guest on David Letterman’s new talk show on Netflix. Who replaced Letterman as the host of The Late Show on CBS.

3. Singer Dolores O’Riordan has passed away in London at the age of 46. What Irish band was Dolores the lead singer of?

4. All 331 episodes of ER are now available on Hulu. What city did ER take place in?

5. For the second time in four weeks Jumanji is the #1 movie in the country. Please spell Jumanji.


If you want a shot at ending Jen’s perfect streak in the new year, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

We all saw what happened in Hawaii this weekend with the accidental ballistic missile alert – as simple as someone hitting the wrong button. The guy kept his job but was reassigned. On another level, the Saints defense is lucky to keep their jobs after losing the game against the Vikings in the last seconds last night. So we wanted to know, how did you screw up but still keep your gig? Judy called to tell us about the time she made a faux pas at a company function that laded her in the pool and on the ban list at next year’s function! She took her lumps and actually got a lot accomplished while everyone else was at the function. Thanks for the calls!

6p Hour

Has your street been plowed? Koz mentioned earlier that his street was plowed several times, making it look as though it only snowed on the sidewalks. What wasn’t plowed, though, was Koz’s Metra parking lot! Can’t have everything! It’s all about checks and balances.

Thanks for listening today! We will talk to you tomorrow starting at 2pm.

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/12/18

2p Hour

All kids love a snow day, but a group of kids in Missouri put in a lot more effort than most to try and get the superintendent to call off class today. The head of schools in Hillsboro says he received a package of peanut butter cups and a note stating “you know what to do” and it’s not the first time this has happened. Ultimately, classes were not cancelled but you have to admire the creativity here!

The single winner of last week’s Mega Million’s drawing has come forward! He’s a 20 year old man who bought his ticket in Florida with scratch-off lotto ticket winnings! If that’s not destiny, we don’t know what is! He’s taken some time to get financial advice and plans to do some good with his winnings. Congratulations, man!

3p Hour

We are seeing Cubs jackets, hats and luggage all over town and that can only mean one thing – convention weekend! The 33rd annual event is happening at the Sheraton and kicks off tonight. There is so much to see and do, so get the full rundown of events here. Pitchers and catchers report in one month, so it’s time to get excited for the season!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about women. This has just been named the worst female hair do of all time. What is it? Your clues are: ‘rollers’ and ‘chemicals’.
Answer: perm
Congratulations to Veronica from Indiana for guessing the answer today! We will Kill a Half Hour again Monday at 3:20!

4p Hour

Have you seen the Greatest Showman yet? The soundtrack is incredible, and now you can attend a screening of the movie along with a sing along! It’s playing in several theaters across Chicagoland, so if you want to check it out find the location nearest you here. Koz was duped into going the first time, and he’s not sure he’ll go again but Jen will go a hundred times! Let us know what you think if you go!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in California when a man was caught abusing the carpool lane – with a Chuckie doll! It was seat belted in, at least, but he got a ticket for it. Koz spent most of October pranking Jen with a Chuckie picture because he knows she hates him. Jen won’t look at the link, but it’s been shared on the Koz and Jen Facebook page.

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured Athena (the goddess of knowledge!) who was eager to end Jen’s 8 game win streak in the new year. Unfortunately, Athena was unable to do that and Jen beat her 5-4. Jen’s record is now 33-3 and her winning streak is now at 9. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Paddington 2, starring Hugh Grant, opens in theaters this weekend. What kind of animal is Paddington?

2. Nancy Kerrigan says she has better things to do right now than see “I, Tonya” and added that she’s been busy living her life. What sport did Nancy and Tonya compete in?

3. Millennials in the UK are watching Friends episodes on Netflix and tweeting about how problematic the show is. What’s the name of the coffee shop in Friends?

4. During their game in London yesterday, the NBA’s 76ers pranked a fan into thinking he made a blindfolded 3-point shot. What U.S. city do the 76ers play for?

5. Former President Obama told David Letterman he couldn’t assemble a lamp when he helped move his daughter Malia into her college dorm. What’s the name of Malia’s younger sister?


If you want to be the one to end Jen’s New Year hot streak, we will play again on Monday at 5:20!

Word out of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is that Circuit City is making a comeback! It will be online only, but it got us thinking about stores we wish would come back. Jen wants to bring back Venture! It was like the original Target. But Koz wins the day, reminding us of Service Merchandise, where all purchases made would come down a conveyor belt from the ceiling. Good memories! Stephanie called and wishes Cut Rate Toys on Devon was still around. Mark remembers Ben Franklin and of course Marshall Fields brought up by Jill. Zayre, Woolworth, Franks Nursery…so many good old time memories!

Thanks for listening again today! We will see you on Monday starting at 2:00!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/11/18

2p Hour

Don’t let the nice temps we currently have fool you! We are going to see a sharp drop as we progress through the afternoon, then freezing rain and sleet are on the way. There’s always a price to pay when we get these brief breaks from winter.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along to prove you most certainly have not. A Swedish magazine has been running an ad for Ikea in their publication in which the page serves as a pregnancy test. Yep – put your pee on the page, and if you’re pregnant a code for 50% a crib will be revealed. Koz thinks this is genius, and Jen has simply buried her head in uncertainty. Question is, will this find it’s way to the states?

3p Hour

Lollapalooza rumors have already started! This year’s dates are August 2-5 and while we don’t expect to see Noel Gallagher invited back after walking off stage mid-set last year, maybe Lorde will get a do over after her rain out. Some other artists getting chatter are Eminem and Daft Punk.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour focuses on bathroom habits. Close to 40% of people do this in the bathroom before they use it. What is it? Your clues are: ‘peek’ and ‘Psycho’. Answer: look behind the shower curtain. Congratulations to Blanka (who actually found someone in the shower once!)

4p Hour

Nothing is better than a feel good story, am I right? This one happened in Florida when an elderly couple went on a road trip and stopped along the way to eat at Wendy’s. They had their meal and hit the road again, realizing after 80 miles that the wife had left her purse at the restaurant. The couple called the manager and learned that a 19 year-old employee found the purse and put it safely behind the counter. Read the entire story here, and maybe grab a tissue first.

Ed Sheeran is being sued again! This time, it’s for a song he wrote for Tim McGraw. Two Australians are saying the song is a note-for-note copy in some parts, and they are willing to go to court to prove it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Today’s Lack Of Intelligence Report is one for the books. We can’t believe this happened. It took place in California when a woman returned to Costco on January 4th to return her dead Christmas tree. The guy behind her in the return line took a picture because he also couldn’t believe what was happening. Guess what? They gave her money back! Read the full story here and try not to scream at your screen.

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured Doug, who coincidentally is the husband of former contestant Debbie! Doug was trying to not only beat Jen, but also his wife’s record of getting 2 right. Well, Doug got to wear his own unique day – catching Jen on her worst day ever. The match ended in a 2-2 tie, so Jen’s record is now 32-3. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. After only a week, NBC has renewed Ellen’s Game of Games for a second season. What is Ellen’s last name?

2. YouTube has removed Logan Paul from future projects and premium advertising after he posted a dead body video while he was in Japan. What the name of YouTube’s parent company?

3. Neil Patrick Harris, Dr. OZ and Shaq are just a few of the celebrities that have been seen this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. What city is hosting the CES.

4. John Cena will be the voice of a villain in Rise of the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon. How many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are there?

5. Michael J. Fox will play a Washington attorney for five-episodes in ABC’s Designated Survivor. What Chicago based CBS show did Michael play lawyer Louis Canning?


If you want to try and beat Jen, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Jen had this look on her face and Koz knew something had to be up at home. Turns out, Jen’s daughter is once again complaining about her least favorite school policy: if one kid is bad at recess, the whole class eats lunch in silence. So we wanted to know from kids, what’s your bummer school rule? Wyatt called to tell us he can’t run in the hallway, but if you’re late to class because you didn’t run you’re in trouble anyway! Julia’s school only gives them 15 minutes to eat lunch. Elizabeth, like many kids, is not allowed to bring in food to parties. Things sure have changed quite a bit since we were kids! Thanks for all the awesome calls today, kids!

6p Hour

Mike from Buffalo Grove called to give us his real-time weather experience. He said on his commute from NBC Tower to Buffalo Grove, the temp went from 57-38! 20 degrees in 40 minutes. Well, we knew it was going to happen, it’s just crazy to experience it like that. Thanks for the call, Mike!

Thanks again for listening! We will talk to you tomorrow at 2pm!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/10/18

2p Hour

It’s warm! Relatively speaking, compared to the last few weeks. Jen wore her ‘other coat’, the one that’s not heavy and didn’t even need to be zipped. Kos’s son Austin commented that it was a good day to take the Christmas lights down from outside the house, so he took the moment to teach. Now let’s see if Austin gets the ladder after school and removes the lights before Koz gets home.

The original cast of ‘the Jersey Shore’ is returning to television with a new series called ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ and they MAY be filming here in Chicago. Fans are encourage to tweet their votes for which city they should all head to, and we’d like to start a campaign to vote for all other cities BUT Chicago. Jen thinks maybe they’ve softened as they’ve aged, but Koz shut her mic out to silence that nonsense. Once an annoying ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member, always and annoying ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member.

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about fear: 25% of people say this is their biggest fear. What is it? Your clues are: ‘mobile’ and ‘power’
Answer: dead phone battery. Congrats to Adam in Dyer, Indiana for getting the answer! We will Kill a Half Hour again tomorrow at 3:20.

4p Hour

A new ice cream shop will open in Lakeview on Friday, and this one is extra cool! Chill N2 uses liquid nitrogen in stand mixers to quickly freeze each custom order. They have 6 flavors, including ‘the happy camper’ (chocolate ice cream, graham crackers, marshmallow, and a caramel syringe).

We once again find ourselves in Florida for the Lack of Intelligence report. This one happened when a man attempted to smuggle what amounts to a full Thanksgiving – in his trousers – out of a grocery store. Needless today, it was fairly conspicuous and the man was busted. We have a mugshot! If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz was a nail biter! Our contestant Brittany got all 5 questions right, and it all came down to the final one when it was Jen’s turn. The game ended in a tie and all ties go to Jen, so her record is now 31-3. Here are todays questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Justin Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario is honoring him with a museum exhibit titled ‘Steps to Stardom’. What type of leaf is on the Canadian flag?

2. Syfy has released a trailer for their new TV series ‘Krypton’ which will premiere on March 21st. What superhero comes from the planet Krypton?

3. On last night’s episode of This Is Us, Toby referenced Star Wars and Chewbacca to describe being on the outside of the Pearson family. What’s the title of the recently released Star Wars movie?

4. The White House announced this week that President Trump’s workday is from 11am to 6pm on most days. What’s the name of the 80’s movie starring Dolly Parton where three women try to get revenge on their egotistical, lying boss?

5. The Amazing Race continues tonight on CBS with the teams departing Reykjavík for Leg 2. Reykjavík is the capital city of what country?

9 TO 5

Think you can beat Jen? We will have another episode tomorrow at 5:20!

Koz needs new headphones, but he needs to get them before they really break for good because he will NEVER borrow them from anyone. It reminds him of the guy at his first radio job that never brought headphones, borrowed them, and returned them broken. More than once! Jen brings her own office supplies because they always seem to disappear around here! What do you have to hide from your shady co-workers? Gene hides his chocolate chip cookies in an inconspicuous bag in the freezer so no one can find them! Heather called to report stolen feminine hygiene products, and Koz wanted to be anywhere but on that phone call.

6p Hour

Ads for the big game are reportedly being sold for a whopping 5 million dollars for a 30 second ad! Are you one of those people who like watching the commercials live, or do you watched the leaked versions online beforehand? Whatever your preference, we all know the commercials are the best part!

Thanks for listening! We will talk to you tomorrow starting at 2:00!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 1/19/18

2p Hour

Yesterday we talked about ways we remain frugal, but Koz is about to take it to the next level. There are 2 McDonalds coffee cups sitting on Swany’s desk just outside the studio. Koz wants to just throw it in the microwave and chug it. Yes or no? Go to the Koz and Jen Facebook page to weight in.

We always have so much fun taking to Leslie the Wrinkle Fairy from Lipodoc.com and today was no exception. We talked to her about how amazing Oprah Winfrey looks, how men have the exfoliation advantage because of shaving, the trendy Hollywood Facial, and changing your skin care in the winter. So much good information for the health of our skin!

3p Hour

We have all had that feeling of dread while driving behind a car carrier on the expressway. Well, our worst fears happened today on the Dan Ryan! Luckily no one was hurt, but things were shut down for quite some time as crews worked to clean it all up. This is no longer an irrational fear for us!

It’s time to Kill a Half Hour! Here’s today’s question: 15% of people complain about this everyday. What is it? Your clues are ‘outside’ and ‘temps’. Answer is Weather!

4p Hour

As if fantasy football isn’t stressful enough, how about adding a layer of punishment for the last place team? A group of friends in North Carolina did just that, agreeing to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House if their team came in last. While we don’t think eating at the House is punishment at all, here‘s how the dude’s experience played out.

This is a NOT a list we want to be on! Chicago has been ranked #3 for bed bugs! The results are based on the most residential and commercial treatments for bed bugs from December 2016 to November 2017. Given the number of people who many don’t seek treatment or take care of it themselves, it could actually be worse! Who’s itchy now?

We’ve been talking about spring training and the Cubs convention happening this weekend. After a terrible Bears season, it will be nice to root for a team we can probably count on for a win! There’s talk of odds already, and whispers of a Cubs/Yankees World Series may grow louder. Stay tuned!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened in good old Florida at Miami International Airport! That’s where a man was arrested for jumping a fence, claiming to be lost while applying for a job at the airport. He was running across the tarmac when he was captured, and now he’s facing charges. We think he’s unlikely to get the job when he has to check the ‘felon’ box. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

It’s the big 3-0! Jen hit 30 wins on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz after beating Chris 5-4 on today’s episode. Her record is now 30 and 3! If you want to see how you would do against Jen, here are todays questions followed by the answers so you can play along!

1. Sex and the City has been named one of the sexiest TV shows of all time. What city did did it take place in?

2. Hugh Jackman reportedly flipped out after losing Best Actor at the Golden Globes to John Franco. What circus movie is Hugh currently starring in?

3. Celine Dion cancelled one of her Vegas shows over the weekend due to the flu. The show should go on tonight if she’s feeling better. What movie is Celine’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from?

4. Gillian Anderson has received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. What TV show does Gillian play FBI agent Dana Scully?

5. The Weeknd has ended his partnership with H&M after an offensive sweatshirt ad was published this week. Please spell the artist name ‘Weeknd’


If you want a shot at Jen, give us a call at 312-591-6800 and we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

We may be on the bed bugs list, but we’re also on a MUCH better one! According to Redfin, Chicago has 9 of the top 10 neighborhoods in the U.S.! Dunning, Ashbury, Jefferson Park, and Elmwood Park are 4 of the top 5. We wanted to talk about our dream ‘hoods! Jen wants to live that condo life, so she’s choosing West Loop! Koz grew up in Elk Grove Village, so he’d like to get back to it and have his son attend the same schools. And then Lynette called! She teaches at Elk Grove High School where Koz’s favorite teacher Mr. Prusko still works! He had a nice walk down memory lane, and Lynette promised to get the gossip on Koz from Mr. Prusko and report back.

6p Hour

Lisa Allen is one lucky lady! She scored the Justin Timberlake tickets to give away at 11:20 tomorrow! Everyone is calling about them, so make sure you listen to Lisa tomorrow for your chance to see JT! Maybe he’ll bring back the Ramen noodle hair and Canadian tuxedo as part of his tour wardrobe!

We ended the show on a scary thought: if you have a dog, you should be scared about what you might find when all that show melts as temps warm up this week! That’s why we had kids, right??

Thanks for listening again today! We will talk to you tomorrow at 3:00!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

We FINALLY got a break from those arctic temperatures! We had a nearly 2 week run of severely cold temps, so it wasn’t just in our heads. We know it’s winter, but that was a lot to take. But not as bad as what happened in New Hampshire! Mount Washington faced wind chills of nearly 100 degrees below zero this weekend. Suddenly our weather doesn’t seem quite to bad!

It’s a new era! The Chicago Bears have hired a new head coach for the 2018 season. It’s Matt Nagy, the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator. The overwhelming feeling is one of “it can’t be worse than this year” so we will be optimistic about this selection and hope for a better season!

3p Hour

No more rollover for both Mega Millions and Powerball. Single winners in both recent drawings, and the Hubbard Radio pool won a whopping $8!!! It’s not quite $450 or $559 million, but its a start!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour was all about the holidays. Close to 30% of people spent too much money on this over the holidays. What is it? We only needed one clue, and it was “headache”. Answer: Alcohol. Congrats to Cara for guessing the right answer today! We will Kill a Half Hour again tomorrow at 3:20!

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Lots to talk about, especially that amazing speech from Oprah Winfrey when accepting her Cecil B. DeMille award. It seems like award shows are now a great way to learn what you should be watching, as many of the winners are not found on the regular networks. Streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix provide lots of quality programming you may not know about (never heard of The Marvelous mrs. Maisel? Neither had we!), so a new binge list has emerged! Another highlight? Steve Carrell and Kelly Clarkson meeting for the first time after his famous “OH KELLY CLARKSON!” exclamation in ‘the 40 Year-Old Virgin”. Finally!

4p Hour

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place yesterday in northern California. It happened when a guy tried to kill a spider in his upstairs bedroom – with a torch. Reports are that it was a Wolf Spider which, if you haven’t seen one, are very scary looking. The spider took a direct heat, but scurried onto a mattress that caught fire, followed by a flag collection and drapes. It took the fire department 20 minutes to put the fire out, and everyone escaped unharmed. If you missed the report at 4:50, catch the replay at 6:20.

5p Hour

Jen continues her New Year’s win streak on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz! Her record is now 29-3 after a 5-4 win against Amanda today. Here are todays questions so you can play along, followed by the answers:

1. There’s talk that Oprah is thinking about running for President in 2020 after her moving #MeToo speech last night at the Golden Globes. What is Oprah’s last name?

2. Last night on E!, Debra Messing called out E! For pay inequality during a LIVE interview before the Golden Globes. What NBC show is Debra currently on.

3. Amy Poehler got involved in Seth Meyer’s opening monologue last night at the Golden Globe Awards. What weekend comedy show have to two of them worked on together in the past?

4. Pink will be singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on February 4th.What city is hosting Super Bowl 52 next month?

5. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman reunited last night to preset the Golden Globe award for Best Drama Series. What’s the last name of Roseanne’s family on ‘Roseanne’?


If you want to try and pass Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Koz has been walking around with two phones for quite a while now – one for everything you use a phone for and the other for the camera. You see, the camera on his current phone is busted, but Koz loves taking pics so he’s stopped just short of rubber banding them together. Anything to avoid buying a new smart phone! Jen refuses to replace the missing keys on her laptop and her husband reuses dryer sheets. What do you re-use in order to stay frugal? Chip from Libertyville re-uses zip lock bags! Don’t worry, he only does it with bread and other fairly harmless items. Steve has developed a system for maximizing battery life. Louis’ wife reuses wrapping paper like a boss! Don’t tear a sheet around her!

6p Hour

We just wrapped up talking about our frugal-ness, then we found this story. Imagine having the guts to take an empty KFC chicken bucket and fill it with your favorite pop. The Twitter reactions are priceless!

There’s an awesome video circulating on social media showing a giant field of ice balls on the shores of Lake Michigan! It’s not on our side, thankfully, but it is really cool to look at!

Thanks for listening again today! We will talk to you tomorrow starting at 2pm!

-KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

The photos are rolling in from the massive winter storm that dumped all kinds of trouble on the east coast. We were particularly struck by some photos out of Boston, including frozen cars! How happy are you that we can’t get a bomb cyclone here!?

Game of Thrones fans are all aghast at the revelation that the final season of the popular series will not air until 2019. The upside – plenty of time to binge watch and catch up before the premier! Buzzfeed has done the hard work of calculating how many work days you need to binge GOT and other series in case you have a sick/snow day in your future.

3p Hour

So many restaurants have secret menus, and Starbucks is no stranger to off-menu requests. But there’s no better way to tick off a barista than not really knowing what you’re trying to ask for. So Harry Potter fans, if you want a Butter Beer latte or Frap, here’s how you do it!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour was all about relationships. 25% of women say they’ll never date somebody with this quality. What is it? Your clues are: ‘passion” and ‘light saber’. Answer: being and over the top Star Wars fan. Thanks for playing today!

4p Hour

As we all dream about warmer temps, it should bring comfort that spring training is just around the corner! White Sox spring training tickets went on sale today, and the Cubs will have theirs ready to go tomorrow! Can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report went international! It happened on New Year’s Eve when a drunk guy hailed a cab and took the driver across 3 countries – from Denmark to Norway – and had a bill worth over two grand when it was all over. The problem came when the drunk dude didn’t want to pay the dude. Police got involved and things got settled, but then the cab driver’s car was dead! Check out the full story here and catch the replay at 6:20.

5p Hour

Our next episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured Paul from Arlington Heights! Paul was a formidable opponent – getting all 5 right – but it wasn’t enough because Jen also got 5 right and all ties go to Jen. Jen’s record is now 28-3 and she is perfect so far in 2018. Here are today’s questions, followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Alex Trebek is taking a medical leave of absence after undergoing surgery for blood clots on his brain after taking a fall last year. What game show does Alex host.

2. Justin Timberlake looks like Steve Jobs in the video for his new song ‘Filthy’. What tech company was Steve Jobs co-founder of?

3. David Beckham recreated the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene with His 6-year-old daughter and shared it on Instagram. What professional sport did David play?

4. Sterling K. Brown will make a guest appearance as a murderer suspect on an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX. What NBC show is Sterling currently on?

5. This morning A bookstore in Washington D.C. sold out of Michael Wolff’s new book.”Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” in 20 minutes. What is the address of The White House?


We will play again on Monday at 5:20!

Alright, we are 5 days into the new year and both Koz and Jen have already blown their new year’s resolutions! Jen wanted to swear less, Koz wanted to work out more. So we asked listeners to tell us how they ruined their resolution in 4 words – you know, like “frozen pipes, must cuss” and “still on the couch”. Carol wanted to eat better but “at the cheese cake”. Technically 3 words but you get it…

6p Hour

Jen had a frozen pipe on Tuesday, and what a mess! A Google search turned up a good list of things to do while you wait for the plumber, and the one DO NOT is “do not use a blow torch”. There’s a reason for that, and it’s why the Chicago fire department showed up to a house fire this week in Brighton Park. There are several much less dangerous ways to help remedy the situation, so get familiar with them before you actually need to know!

Thanks for listening again today! Have an excellent weekend and we will see you on Monday at 2!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

We said we’d do it, and we kept our word! Koz decided the show needed to record attempts at the Straight Arm Challenge – where you try to drink water without bending your elbow. It’s so hard! Video proof of how it all went down can be found on the Koz and Jen Facebook Page.

Still no Powerball winner! Between that and Mega, which will have another drawing tomorrow, almost one billion dollars is on the table!!!

3p Hour

It’s cold all across Chicagoland, but at least we don’t have to worry about being hit by falling iguanas! In Miami Beach, Florida temps have dipped below 40 degrees and the green iguanas just can’t take it. When it gets below 50 degrees they become sluggish, and 40 is more than they can bear – basically paralyzing them and making them fall out of trees. They aren’t dead, just need a warm up and they’ll be back in action.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about at the world: 66% of the world’s population say they have never experienced this. What is it? Your clues are: Mother Nature and winter.
Answer: Snow. Congrats to Kevin in Park Ridge!

4p Hour

The cyclone bomb is hitting the east coast and wreaking havoc on all modes of transportation. LaGuardia and JFK airports in New York have suspended all flights. We’re seeing video of slow plows pushing slushy water through streets in the east, and people are being told to take precautions. After that comes the polar vortex, so we really shouldn’t complain about the weather conditions in Chicago!

We just LOVE Camilla Cabello’s new song ‘Havana’ and President Obama does too! He named it as one of his favorite songs of 2017! You can check out the full list here

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report comes to us from Canada. That’s where a 51 year-old truck driver received citations for driving with 6 feet of snow on the top of his vehicle, knocking down power lines! Now Canadian law doesn’t require you to remove snow from your vehicle, but if you don’t and that snow causes damage of any kind the driver is liable. Should have just done the work! If you missed the report, you can catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

It’s time for another episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz! Today’s contestant was Caitlyn from Lansing. It was a tough one, but Jen came out on top beating Caitlyn 4-3 and her record is now 27-3. Here are today’s questions so you can test your pop culture knowledge:

1. Louisiana police are offering a $100 million reward for the “dead or alive” capture of Disney character Elsa because of freezing weather in the south. What’s the name of the movie Elsa is in?


2. Anderson Cooper spent $2,900 on electric clothing to keep warm during his New Year’s Eve special. What network does AC work for?


3. A Price is Right contestant just broke the all-time Plinko record by winning $39,200 in cold hard cash. Who did Drew Carey replace as host of The Price is right?


4. Team USA Olympians just did an NBC photoshoot with puppies and kittens as they get ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics next month. What is the host country for this year’s winter games?


5. Ansel Elgort just shared an Instagram video of himself doing donuts in an snow covered parking lot during the BOMB CYCLONE in New York. What’s the name of last year’s movie where Ansel played a getaway driver?


If you think you can beat Jen, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20! Call us at 312-591-6800

This weather is starting to drag everyone down! Stuck in doors for days on end, frost bite just seconds away, it’s time to get out of town. Who has been sitting on the couch in 7 layers dreaming of tropical weather and said “you know what, let’s go!” Kaycee took things even further and decided to just move to San Francisco! She decided not to renew a cold weather contract and take a gig there! Kelly did the vacation mic drop – she’s spending 2 weeks in Thailand!

6p Hour

The no pants CTA ride is this Sunday on the Red Line at 12:30. The weather forecast is 32 degrees, so that’s going to be a tough one! Remember, no man spreading!

Thanks for listening again today! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2pm!

-KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

No Mega Millions winner last night! That means Friday’s drawing is now worth $418 million dollars! Powerball happens tonight, and that jackpot is up to $460 million. You can’t win if you don’t play, so grab those tix and start dreaming about how you would spend the dough!

The Chicago Bulls are no longer the worst team in the NBA! To add to the excitement, they’ve come up with a new alternative jersey and it’s so cool! It incorporates the Chicago flag and will debut on January 26th when they host the Lakers at the United Center.

3p Hour

We all know – it’s cold outside. I bundle up, complain, yet soldier on. But there’s a lot more to think about, so here’s some reminders about what NOT to keep in your car in temps like these. And don’t forget to leave the taps dripping in your house. Don’t learn that lesson the hard way.

Let’s Kill a Half Hour and help the day go by a little quicker. This is where 10% of us hide things when somebody shows up unexpectedly at home. Where is it? Your clues are: ‘bathroom’ and ‘soak’. Answer: the bath tub. Congrats to Kira for guessing right today!

4p Hour

The entire country seems to be in varying states of deep freeze, and now we have a new weather term to learn: bomb cyclone. It’s basically a winter hurricane and it will be coming to the east coast in the next few days, and THEN it will be followed by a polar vortex! Remember when we said the unseasonably warm temps late in fall would mean payback in 2018? Yep. Called it.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place on Long Island. That’s where a woman was driving in her car, dog in the back seat and egg sandwich in one hand. That egg sandwich must have smelled good because the dog lept from the back seat into her lap and the woman lost control of her car and crashed into an abandoned house. No charges have been filed, because really ‘bad choice’ isn’t a crime. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20.

5p Hour

It’s time for another episode of Jen’s Showbiz Pop Quiz! Koz asks you 5 pop culture questions – if they get more right than Jen, Jen buys them dinner. Today we played a round with Pam, and Jen won with a score of 5-4. Jen’s record is now 26-3 and has won 2 in a row. Here are today’s questions so you can test your pop culture knowledge:

1. Justin Timberlake will release his new album ‘Man of the Woods’ on February 2nd. What boy band was Justin a part of before going solo?


2. A Jeopardy! contestant just lost $3,200 because he answered ‘Gangster’ instead of ‘Gangsta’ for a a Coolio song question. Who is the host of Jeopardy?


3. Zac Efron revealed in an interview how he and Michael Jackson made each other cry happy tears on the phone 10 years ago. What was Michael Jacksons nickname?


4.The Breakfast Club has been re-released on DVD and Blu-ray with 50 minutes of deleted scenes. What part of the school did Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald and the others serve out their detention?


5. David Duchovny told Kimmel that he auditioned for the roles of Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse on Full House before he got the part of Agent Mulder on X-Files. Please spell Duchovny.

A: D-U-C-H-O-V-N-Y

If you want a shot at Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

The start of 2018 has been a bit rough for Jen! A busted water pipe and broken door knob all happened within the first 48 hours. No one wants to start the new year throwing money at their house! Koz is undergoing a kitchen remodel (by choice) and that’s stressful too. We wanted to know – what’s your 2018 motto? Jen’s going with “Can I go back to 2017?” and Koz said “Less stress”. But Christine wins it all with “Show me the money!”

6p Hour

Have you heard of the straight arm challenge? It’s the latest social media trend where people try to drink something without being their arms. Koz did a practice run and it was absolutely hysterical. We are both going to record ourselves trying the challenge and we will share our results on the Koz and Jen Facebook page tomorrow!

We got a call from an awesome kid named Lindsey. She wanted to wish her parents a happy 25th wedding anniversary! We all hope to have glimpses of evidence we’ve raised our kids right, and Lindsey’s attitude and desire to do something cool for her folks is exactly that. Happy 25th Brad and Olivia!

Thank you so much for listening! We will see you tomorrow starting at 2pm

-KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

First, let us pat ourselves on the back for getting the year right in the title! Didn’t think I’d remember the first time out! Second, happy new year! While it was nice to spend time with family and friends over the past week, we are fortunate to have jobs we love to come back to! It’s cold and kind of miserable outside (anyone else have frozen pipes?) but we will do our best to keep you company as we all ease back into work mode.

You feeling lucky? The jackpot keeps growing for both Mega Millions and Powerball! The Mega jackpot tomorrow is up to $343 million and Wednesday’s Powerball drawing will be worth $440 million. Koz is thinking of playing recent windchill numbers – what’s your strategy?

3p Hour

What would you give up to be a member of the royal family? If you’re Meghan Markle, there is a list! It includes not giving autographs or taking selfies. We have to say, no selfies should be a world wide phenomenon!

It’s time to kill a half hour! Today’s question is all about money. If you ever buy this, you will pay close to a 900% mark up for it. What is it? Your clues are: ‘entertainment’ and ‘buttery’. Answer: movie theater popcorn. Congrats to Matt in Highland Park for getting the right answer!

4p Hour

Did you happen to catch the Amazon Prime coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade? It was Will Farrell and Molly Shannon in character as Cord and Tish doing a parody of parade coverage. The problem is, some people weren’t in on the joke. Read about customer reaction here. We have to ask, how could you think it WASN’T a parody?

If you watched any of the New Years Eve coverage on television, either local or national, you know those shows are just all over the place. A little painful, if you ask us. Did you see Steve Harvey’s head to toe white get up? Or that he ended up officiating Maria Menounos’ wedding? What you didn’t see on TV is all the adult diapers worn by spectators in Time’s Square. That’s right. People actual choose this over waiting in line for port-a-potty access. The more you know…

The Lack of Intelligence Report is back! This one happened in Texas when a woman caused $300,000 worth of damage to artwork in the home of a prominent attorney. She ruined 3 paintings and 2 sculptures in her tantrum, and now she’s facing charges. We have a mugshot! If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz is back from holiday hiatus! The pressure was on after Jen lost the last episode, but lucky for her all ties go to Jen! Susan and Jen both got 4 right today and Jen’s record moves to 25-3. Here are today’s questions:

1. The new season of The Bachelor started up last night on ABC. What kind of a flower does bachelor Ayre Luyendyk Jr. give to bachelorettes he wants to stay on the show?


2. Hoda Kotb had been named co-anchor of the Today show joins Savannah Guthrie. What fired host is Hoda replacing?


3. America Ferrara and her husband are expecting their first child later this year. What NBC retail sitcom is America currently starring in?


4. On NYE, former President Obama shared on Facebook that one of his favorite songs of 2017 was “Havana” by Camila Cabello. What country is Havana the capital of?


5. American Girl has teamed up with NASA for their newest doll
named Luciana who wants to be an astronaut. What’s the name of the first American woman in space?


If you want to try and beat Jen, call us at 312-591-6800. We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Between Santa Claus and Santa Koz, Koz’s son Austin got both a hover board AND a unicycle. Now his basement walls have a few holes and mother-in-law has a cut on her shin. So we wanted to know: what’s the holiday gift you gave or received that you immediately regretted? Kim and her little brother got some awesome light sabers that resulted in her boyfriend having a broken tail bone. Chris’s son also got a hover board and now she has a broken garbage can and refrigerator. Save those things for summer! Thanks for all the calls today!

5p Hour

We didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently it was Oregon law that you couldn’t pump your own gas. Since the 50’s, people have not had to get out of their car to fill up. Now they do and they are MAD. If you’re like us, you show up for the comments.

A few weeks ago we told you about the need for each car to have it’s own IPass transponder in the new year. They said if you didn’t have one, you’d be charged the cash rate – but the fine print will tell you it takes 6 times to trigger the higher rate! A second (or third) transponder will cost you $10 but you also get a $10 account balance, so it’s really free.

Thanks for listening today! We will return tomorrow starting at 2:00!

-KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

Today is the day! It’s the busiest road travel day of the holiday season! Between the hours of 4 and 6 pm, experts predict it will be all break lights so plan accordingly! Traffic isn’t too bad right now, so get out while you can! We also have some rain expected after 9pm.

Jen is on a 15 game win streak on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, and the Bulls are trying to catch up! They have won 7 in a row after a terrible start to the season. They beat the Magic 112-94 last night at the United Center. We will have another episode of Show Biz at 5:20!

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question has to with going to church. This weekend, 8% of Americans will do this in church. What is it? Your clues are: ‘sneaky’ and device’
Answer: surf the web on their mobile device
Congrats to Adam, who leaves his phone in the car when he goes to church!

Kill a Half Hour happens again tomorrow at 3:20!

4p Hour

It’s the final day of “12 Days of Holiday Teen-spiration” and today Jen’s daughter Michaela sums up the best part of being a student – winter break! “One of the most iconic lines from It’s a Wonderful Life says ‘every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings’. But that bell I hear is saying “no school for two weeks!” Students and teachers rejoice!

New year, new laws! There’s a list to get familiar with as we turn the page on 2017, and Jen has a favorite. A new law says hair salons, barbers, dry cleaners and tailors have to provide customers with a price list of service son request. ‘Based on length’ is not a price! No more vagueness!

today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in New York. That’s where a 36 year-old man with a massive fear of the Tasmanian Devil is accusing his step-father of making his life hell. The man says his step-father uses his bushy toupee to taunt him, purposely resembling the Tasmanian Devil. It’s getting serious because there’s a restraining order in place, and it was violated when the two men appeared at the same funeral. You think you’re family has problems? If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

With a 15 game win streak on the line, the pressure became too much and Jen crumbled on Today’s Show Biz Pop Quiz. She fell to Jim with a final score of 4-3 in the last game of 2017. Time for a fresh start in the new year! Here are today’s questions:

1. Lady Gaga is playing a two year residency at MGM in Las Vegas. What does Lady Gaga call her fans?


2. Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston are finalists for GQ’s Most Stylish Man of 2017. What Mix Artist did each of them have a relationship with?


3. Mariah Carey‘s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ just made it to the top 10 of billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the first time ever. What color is Mariah Carey’s snowsuit in the video for the song?


4. A ‘Stranger Things’ convention is coming to Rosemont next summer. What’s the name of the alternate world in Stranger Things?


5. A new animated version of The Grinch staring Benedict Cumberbatch will be in theaters next Christmas. What’s the name of the mountain that the Grinch lives on?


That was the last episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz until the new year! If you want to play, call us at 312-591-6800 when it returns in 2018!

We’ve reached the point of he holiday season where certain songs just get on our nerves and we can’t take it anymore! Koz hates Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ and Jen can’t take ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ because of that shrill tone! Here’s what our listeners can’t take anymore: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Rudolph, and Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime. It’s almost over, so we only have to tolerate ear worms for a few more days!

6p Hour

We had a BLAST talking to some kids about Santa Claus today! We are always blown away by how clever and quick-witted kids are. We asked them some questions pertaining to the big man in the red suit, and they had some awesome responses. Some of the highlights:

Audrey thinks santa’s least favorite cookie is peanut butter, he vacations in Hawaii, and he loves Thanksgiving because he gets to eat a lot!

Caitlyn thinks you get 2 naughty’s and she has at least 3, he vacations in Mexico to swim with the dolphins!

Sebastian says he thinks Santa drives a pick up truck because he needs something big and it needs to survive the cold or else the engine will give out. He also doesn’t know about naughty because he is so good!

Mariana said Santa takes a nap and eats cookies when he gets back from delivery, but not licorice because those are gross. She thinks santa wants a day off for Christmas to go swimming, but she hopes he’s not wearing a 2 piece!

Thanks for listening again today!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 12/20/17

2p Hour

Koz mentioned it earlier this week, and he wasn’t kidding! We are set to have the coldest Christmas since 2004! Good ol’ polar vortex is heading out way. There’s no guarantee of a white Christmas, thought it does look like we will have some flurries. That should help for that one festive photo we all hope for, right?

Ed Sheehan wrote a James Bond theme song a few years back…and there was no film to write for! Sure he hasn’t been asked yet, but if he does get asked he’s ready to go! Here’s the full story.

3p Hour

Here’s the deal – it’s not going to be easy if you have to work tomorrow. It’s supposed to be the business day on the roads this holiday season, especially between 4 and 6pm. Adding to that could be icy roads, so definitely plan to be patient (or suffer) when you head h
ome. Both O’hare and Midway are expected to break travel records as well.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is: the average family will use one of these for 7 years before getting rid of it. What is it? Your clues are: ‘holiday’ and ‘ornaments’
Congrats to Emily in Porter, IN for guessing the answer!

4p Hour

It’s day 11 of “12 Days of Holiday Teen-spiration’ and we finally seem to have gotten a little excitement out of Jen’s teenage daughter Michaela! Today’s quote was: “Christmas is the season where you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money. YOLO!”. With one day left, it’s about time we started seeing some energy!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report was an international incident! It happened during a showing of Star Wars: the Last Jedi in Whales when some drunk movie goers ruined it for everyone! Witnesses say the 2 men arrived drunk and were “annihilated” by the end of the film. They were shouting, swearing at the screen, and would not quiet despite repeated attempts by others in the theater. The theater had to refund everyone’s price of admission and invite them back to a future showing. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20 every day!

5p Hour

Jen’s record moves to 24-2 after beating Debbie 5-2 on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz. She is on a 15 game win streak and Koz can’t take it anymore! Here are today’s questions:

1. Nobody was hurt when the glass doors on Kelly Ripa’s fireplace exploded over the weekend when it got too hot.Who’s Kelly Ripa’s hot husband?


2. NBC is planning to bring back ‘The Office’ next year. Who played Regional Manager Michael Scott until NBC ended it 2013.


3. Catt Sadler Is leaving E! News after finding out co-host Jason Kennedy earns twice her salary. What’s the official network name of E!?


4. Katy Perry says she’s a ‘straight shooter’ and will take her American Idol judging job seriously when Idol returns to ABC next year. Who were the three original American Idol judges?


5. Eva Longoria and her husband Jose’ expecting her first child in 2018. What’s the name of the street Eva Longoria’s character Gabrielle lived on in Desperate Housewives?


We will play one more time this week before the holiday break! Call us at 312-591-6800 and we will play at 5:20!

6p Hour

Once again, we have discovered something that shouldn’t exist. This time, it’s Christmas tree eyebrows. Basically you draw/paint/decorate a sideways tree on your face. It’s just as awful as it sounds, but see for yourself here. Can we stop now?

Lots of stuff to plan for over the next few days! On top of the holidays, we have the worst travel day on the roads (tomorrow between 4 and 6pm), polar vortex coming in (single digit lows, negative windchill) and record flights at both airports. Plan accordingly!

Thanks for listening again today! We will be back with you tomorrow starting at 2pm!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 12/19/17

2p Hour

What kind of weather IS this!? 50 degrees on December 19th feels like a dream. Don’t worry, mother nature is planning a pay back starting this Sunday with temps in the 20s. Ouch! We also feel like we will be suffering in February for all of the awesomeness December has brought us. Fair is fair…

Midnight song lyrics are a new trend! People are starting off their new year by figuring out the exact time to start playing a song in order for the perfect part to hit right at midnight. For example, If you play “Wrecking Ball” by Miley cyrus at exactly 11:57:10 on December 31st, you will hear “I came in like a wrecking ball” as the clock strikes midnight. There’s a whole list of songs to choose from to suit your mood, or do your choose your own!

3p Hour

Taylor Swift, Oscar nominee? It could happen now that the Academy has announced it’s 70 best song choices! Taylor’s “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” from “Fifty Shades Darker” made the cut. The list of final nominees will be announced on Tuesday January 23rd.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question focuses on the month of December. The average person spends more money on this in the month of December than any other month. What is it? Your clues were: ‘closet’ and ‘hangers’
Answer: Clothing
Congrats to Kate in South Elgin for getting it right!

4p Hour

Today was day 10 of “12 Days of Holiday Teen-spiration” and, once again, we have been given some practical advice. “Once everyone is full of all of the egg nog, don’t ho ho ho it up at the party. Santa’s always watching.” In the age of cameras everywhere, you’ll want to keep this one in mind throughout the year.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened in Oklahoma City. That’s where a mail carrier had a series of disasters, starting with clipping a mailbox. That made him lose control, he fell out of the vehicle, the vehicle kept going, he chased it…you know what, you have to see it to believe it. Watch it here. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

14 in a row! That’s Jen’s win streak on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz after beating Jaclynn 5-3 on today’s episode. Her record is now 23-2. Here are today’s questions:

1. According to a source,Brad Pitt has dating again. Who did Brad separate from last year after an 11-year relationship?


2. Ed Sheeran confessed during an interview that he wrote a James Bond theme song about three years ago just in case he’s asked for one in the future. What is James Bond’s three digit code name?

A: 007

3. Tom Hanks stars as newspaper editor Ben Bradlee during in the new movie ‘The Post’ which deals with the Pentagon Papers of the Vietnam War. What U.S. city is the Post published in?


4. Jodie Sweeton of ‘Fuller House’ (who’s making around $40K a month) has just been ordered to pay her ex-husband nearly $3,000 a month after a child support adjustment. Who does Jodie play on Full
House/ Fuller House?


5. Former tennis star Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias (who’ve been together for 16 years) are now parents after Anna had twins over the weekend in Miami. Please spell Kournikova.

A: K-O-U-R-N-I-K-O-V-A

How would you have done today? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

The holidays are just around the corner and we wanted to know who will have the most people over! We set the bar at at least 15, and a couple people went WAY past that!
Beverly called to say she’s hosting 40 people on Christmas Eve! Parking is at a premium, so arrive early!
Chris topped that – she has 44! It’s also a chance to celebrate her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, so there’s a lot to celebrate this year and a lot of people to do it!

6p Hour

Lady Gaga just signed a $100 million dollar deal for a Vegas residency! It’s a 2 year deal at the Park Theater at Park MGM and starts in December of 2018. She said it’s a life-long dream come true, so congratulations to Gaga on yet another successful year!

That’s what you get for trying to do good? A man in Rochester ordered a Lyft ride for a drunk stranger, and then was on the hook for the $150 cleaning bill after the woman threw up in the car. The man contacted the woman and she refused to reimburse him, but eventually settled up after a local tv news outlet reached out. Thankfully, the CTA is free on New Year’s Eve!

Thanks for listening again today! We will return at 2pm tomorrow!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 12/18/17

2p Hour

Tis the season for stupid holiday drivers! Is it too much to ask to turn left if you’re in the left turn lane? Koz was next to someone this weekend that hooked a right from left lane and it just leaves us scratching our heads. How is it that people forget the rules of the road!?

Did anyone watch A Christmas Story Live last night? Yeah, not many people did. The musical pulled in a 1.5 ratings share compared to Grease Live which had a 4.3 ratings share. None of these live remakes have done very well. Are we done now?

3p Hour

How does “free donuts for life” sound to you? Dreams will become reality for one lucky person when the new Stan’s Donuts opens on Michigan Ave! The new store opens this Saturday, but on December 30th one lucky person will receive a golden donut – free donuts for life!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about the holidays. So far this month, 33% of us have gotten frustrated and done this. What is it? Your clues were: ‘shopping’ and ‘abort’
Answer: Left a store without buying what we want

Congrats to Bethany (it’s her birthday!) for guessing correctly today!

4p Hour

It’s day 9 of “12 Days of Holiday Teen-spiration” and it’s a cautionary tale about some of the season’s most popular gifts. “Be weary of asking for the gift of fidget spinners, drones, and finger rockets. You’ll shoot your eye out!” Hey, no one wants to unwrap a medical bill, am I right?

This town has a couple of win streaks under it’s belt – Bulls and Hawks have won 5 in a row, Jen is on a 12 game win streak on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, and the Bears have lost 1 in a row! This next game on Christmas Eve is the one we talked about a few weeks ago – where the parking pass costs more than the ticket on Stub Hub. They are playing the Cleveland Browns who remain winless so far this season. At least there’s a team worse off than ours! Gotta keep that ‘glass half full’ mentality!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Northern California, where police encountered a real-life Grinch! A 32 year-old man attempted a robbery by sliding down a chimney. Problem is, he got stuck. He called 9-1-1 himself and was promptly arrested upon his extraction.
If you missed the report, we will have the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Jen is now 22-2 on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz after beating Abby 5-4, extending her win streak to 13. Here are today’s questions:

1. Will Smith joined instagram. What’s the name of the TV show where Will Smith joined his Uncle Phil and Carlton in Bel Air?


2. Cartoon Network is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year. What’s the name of the talking dog that cruises around with four teenagers in the Mystery Machine?


3. Justin Theroux has a brief cameo as a codebreaker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Who is Justin Theroux married to?


4. Pitch Perfect 3 starring Anna Kendrick opens up in theaters this weekend. What’s movie did Anna Kendrick star in as ‘Poppy’ with Justin Timberlake last year?


5. Marc Summers and his family had to evacuate his home due to the California wildfires. Among the valuables they took with them were over 1,000 tapes of Marc’s TV gigs. What’s the name of the slimy kids game show on Nickelodeon that Marc hosted in the 90’s?


Looking for a chance to beat Jen? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20. Call us at 312-591-6800

A man in Washington left a $3,000 tip on a $39 breakfast bill over the weekend, saying that he and his mom both worked in a place like that and were dirt poor and wanted to help employees of the restaurant have a better Christmas. What a guy! So we wanted to hear from people in the service industry: what’s the biggest tip you’ve ever gotten?

Johanna teaches and worked as a waitress over the summer. A lovely couple tipped her half of their bill PLUS offered to get her some ice cream when they went out for their dessert!

Lonnie once worked at a bar where a patron was tipping $1,000 left and right for all the servers!

Melissa gave a complimentary bang trim at her salon and her customer left her $100!

6p Hour

Star Wars: the Last Jedi is the big story of the weekend, with the 2nd biggest opening weekend of all time – second only to the Force Awakens. Jen went on Sunday morning at 9am. It was breakfast, so she smuggled in a meal for the family: half a dozen donuts, 2 breakfast sandwiches, 4 hash browns, and an iced coffee. A bit extreme, she admits, but it was a one-time thing!

The Packers are paying fans $10/hour to shovel snow from Lambeau ahead of their final home came on Sunday. The downside is that it might snow again before then, meaning they will have to put out the call to action once again!

Thanks for listening again today! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2pm.

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 12/15/17

2p Hour

It’s National Ugly Sweater Day! Our office is having a contest, but only one of us on this show participated. See who it is on the Koz and Jen Facebook page! It’s also National Cupcake Day, and Koz is upset Jen didn’t bring any in (it’s her specialty)!

Rock ‘N Roll no more! The Rock and Roll McDonalds on Clark st in River North is closing down at the end of the month to get a modern facelift. When it reopens it will feature ordering kiosks and an experience of the future. This is a piece of our childhood, so we’re not excited about it. The new design will open in spring.

3p Hour

Looking for something to do tonight? How about caroling at the bean? Broadway in Chicago is the featured group tonight! It’s free to the public and starts at 6pm.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question focused on the holidays. 60% of us have done this while holiday shopping. What is it? Your clues were: ‘car’ and ‘memory’
Answer: forget where they parked
Congrats to Richard in South Elgin!

4p Hour

It’s day 8 of ’12 Days of Holiday Teen-spiration’ and this one might be the most practical of all!
“The holiday season is a perfect time to seek out ways to make life better for those around us – sometimes that means calling in sick to work. Leave your germs at home, ok?”
There’s nothing worse than the co-worker walking around with a hacking cough!

Star Wars was released at midnight, and the pictures are rolling in! All kinds of costumes are showing up at theaters, and Koz thinks its a little different for a kid vs adult. Did you know that princes William and Harry were in the film as Storm Troopers? You may also catch a glimpse of Ellie Goulding too!

It’s Florida Friday! Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened in the Keys when a mother left her 6 year-old child in a chair to hold a parking spot at their apartment complex while she shopped. That’s a new take on dibs! The cops didn’t take too kindly to that idea, and the 6 year-old ratted out her own mom telling them it wasn’t the first time this has happened. The woman has been charged with child neglect. There’s a mug shot! If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

We had a nail biter on today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz! Jen played from behind after getting question 2 wrong, but the match ended in a tie! Jen’s record is now 21-2 and she’s on a 12 game winning streak! Here are today’s questions so you can play along!

1. A Christmas Story LIVE will be on FOX this Sunday night. What kind of lamp does Ralphie’s dad put in the front window?


2. CBS’ animated special ‘Frosty Returns’ has been named one of the most under rated Christmas specials of all-time. What kind of a pipe does Frosty the Snowman have?


3: Stephen King’s ‘It’ was the most Googled movie of 2017. What color is ‘It’s’ balloon?


4. Stranger Things on Netflix was nominated for four SAG Awards this week. The award show is January 21st. What is SAG an acronym for?


5. The post office is issuing a Mister Rogers stamp to celebrate 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. What was the name of the mailman in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood?


If you want to try to pass Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, we’ll have another episode on Monday! Call us at 312-591-6800

For this week’s ‘Fill in the Blank Friday’ we decided to have you describe your holiday shopping experience in 3 words. Jen said: ‘short and sweet’ and Koz said: ‘way too slow’
Abby is in trouble too – she said ‘I haven’t’ started’
Rita put a positive spin on things with: ‘All done. Boom!’
Rose said: ‘I own this’

6p Hour

Lots of sports going on this weekend, including a Saturday Bear’s game. They are playing the Lions, but really does it matter if they win or not? At least if they win they will have a perfect record for Saturday games!

One of the best apple pies in the state is right in town! You can find it at Hoosier Mama Pie Company in the Ukranian Village. They get their apples from Michigan and this pie looks incredible!

Thanks for listening this week! We will be back on Monday starting at 2pm!

-KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

How are you doing on your holiday shopping? Koz is WAY behind and wants to know if he can do some online shopping during the show. Pretty sure our boss heard him ask that, so…

Could you do it? Ed Sheehan is celebrating 2 years without a cell phone! He was getting tired of waking up to texts from people wanting things from him, so he decided to take a detox and never went back! He keeps up with email on his iPad, and we totally commend him for his efforts. Not sure we would be so successful!

3p Hour

Every time we eat a cookie, we wonder why they just can’t be healthy! Well, Yoplait has found a solution – Girl Scout Cookie yogurt! They should be in stores now, so let us know if you try them!

Let’s waste some time! Here is today’s Kill a Half Hour question: 2/3 of kids will do this during the holidays – what is it? Your clues are: ‘mall’ and ‘fear’
Answer: cry on Santa’s lap
Congratulations to Dawn in Aurora!

4p Hour

We are now on day 7 of ’12 Days of Holiday Teen-spriation’ and we feel like Michaela’s enthusiasm level is actually working backwards at this point, totally defeating the purpose. Alas, she left us with this gem: “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, its what’s under the wrapping paper!” – unless is a jelly of the month club subscription. No one wants that.

Star Wars is officially OUT at midnight tonight! So technically tomorrow, but you know what we mean. Do you have your tickets yet? Koz is going on the 23rd and Jen is going on Sunday. The thing Jen loves about Star Wars movies is all the costumes! People have no shame dressing up as their favorite characters, and Jen’s daughter Raina will be using her Halloween costume – a Po Dameron flight suit! We shared a picture of it on the Koz and Jen Facebook page!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened over the boarder in Toronto. That’s where a man was charged over $18,000 for a 21-minute Uber ride. The driver blamed it on surge pricing, and after a photo of the receipt spread on social media, Uber of course had to refund the money and apologize. Uber says the massive overcharge was a result of driver error, not a technical glitch. We would be uber mad if that happened to us!

5p Hour

The streak continues! Jen has now won 11 in a row after beating Christina from Hometown 5-4 on today’s Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz. Jen’s record is now 20-2 and if you want to see how you would have done today, here are today’s questions:

1: John Stamos is going to be a dad! He and his fiance’ Caitlin McHugh are expecting their first child. What’s the name of the character John Stamos played on Full House?


2. Reality TV contestant Omarosa denies she was fired from her White House job yesterday. In reality, who fired Omarosa during the first season of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’


3. The Simpsons predicted that Disney would take over 20th Century Fox during an episode 19 years ago. What’s the name of the town The Simpsons takes place in?


4. Oprah Winfrey will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes on January 7th. What Sunday news show is Oprah a special contributor?


5. Netflix will begin streaming an updated version of the 80’s adventure cartoon She-Ra ‘Princess of Power’ next year. Who is She-ra’s twin brother that defended the secrets of Castle Greyskull?


If you think you can beat Jen, we will play again tomorrow at 5:20! Call us for your chance!

6p Hour

Let the CTA be your designated driver on New Year’s Eve! They are offering free rides from 10pm on December 31st until 4am January 1st. In addition, the CTA will also be running extended service and increased frequency.

One of the best holiday light shows in the state is just a short car ride away! The Larsen’s Light Show is in Elburn and WOW! They use over 1 million lights and the show is anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. Check it out!

Thanks for listening today! We will be back on tomorrow starting at 2pm!

-KOZ & Jen