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SHOW NOTES: 11/17/17 November 17, 2017

2p Hour3p Hour20 toys with a crazy high value if they are in good condition. Check out the article and see if you have any of these gems from the past!

Kill a Half Hour was all about Thanksgiving today! Close to 25%of people in their 20s will lie about this over Thanksgiving.
The clues were: Table & Dish
Answer: that they cooked what you ate

We’ll kill a half hour again on Monday beginning at 3:20!

4p Hourworst play caller in the NFL. They say the Bears offense has become predictable. Think the Bears will squeeze out a win this weekend?

We gave away the final Amazon Echo Generation 2 this afternoon. Congrats to April from Hobart!

What’s the hottest souvenir at Disney Parks this holiday season? A Pluto shaped popcorn bucket! Pluto is wearing a festive holiday sweater, and his back opens up to dispense a delicious snack just like a Mr. Potato Head. It costs $13.50 and it’s only available in the parks, which is devastating to Disnerd Jen.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Frankfurt, Germany (not Illinois), when a man who reported his car stolen 20 years ago was contacted authorities. Turns out it wasn’t stolen, the dude just forgot where he parked it! He left the car in a now-abandoned industrial building, and after all that time the car was no longer functional and had to be demolished. Read all about it HERE

5p Hour6p Hourlet’s talk traffic. The navigation app Waze predicts that Tuesday at 5pm will be the worst time to head home, while they say Thanksgiving day you should avoid noon-2pm. Post-holiday madness will be the worst on Monday the 27th at 7am and 5pm. Good luck and drive safe!

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Talk with you again Monday at 2p!
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SHOW NOTES: 11/16/17 November 16, 2017

2p HourAmerican Music Awards show is loaded with amazing artists, and we just learned today that Mix artists Pink and Kelly Clarkson are performing together for the first time! Koz recommends we all just sit back, close our eyes, and soak in the beautiful sounds. Jen will keep one eye open just in case Pink does some amazing acrobatic moves. Salena Gomez is alsoperforming for the first time since her kidney transplant. The AMAs will be on Sunday at 7 on ABC.

3p HourTowester for you! Jonathan Towes has hooked up with a Canadian tire company and they are selling the Jonathan Towester to raise money for a kids charity. It’s a short drive to get over the boarder!

During Kill a Half Hour today, we learned that 11% of women have broken up with a man because he is too into sports. Christina guessed correctly and told us about her ex who had an obsession with playing baseball back in college. He didn’t make the team, so he started his own! Kill a half hour with us again tomorrow starting at 3:20.

4p HourHERE

Today’s 2nd Generation Amazon Echo went to Kathy from Valpo! She’s going to keep it, not give it as a gift, but she will share with her family. Congrats, Kathy!

Spelling counts! Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened when an Alabama news paper made an unfortunate typo with a headline about senatorial candidate Roy More and his sex abuse allegations. The headline read “Party divided over sex clams”. If only that ‘i’ had made it in there, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. Copy editing is your friend. See it for yourself HERE

LINK: https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2017/11/11/typo-of-the-week-newspaper-claims-gop-divided-over-sex-clams/

5p Hour6p HourPringles has you covered! They have created the whole meal in chip form. You’ve got turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed corn, green bean casserole, mac and cheese and pumpkin pie! They say it’s not available in retails stores, but it’s worth whatever extra effort you have to go through to get it!

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-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/15/17 November 15, 2017

2p Hour
We started the show with Koz trying to work upside down. He was inspired by Pink’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, where she said she thinks she sounds better when singing upside down. The entire episode was hilarious, so check it out when you have a chance. Time well spent! And just to clarify, Koz does not sound as good as Pink upside down or otherwise…

People revealed the cover for their Sexiest Man Alive issue – and it’s Blake Shelton? Yep, the Voice judge is this year’s winner and Jen is left scratching her head, especially after looking at some of the other photos in the issue. Justin Hartley (Kevin from This is Us) would have been her choice. Speaking of This is Us, November 28th will be the last episode of 2017 and the show will return after the holidays on January 2nd. Should give us all time to recover from the emotional roller coaster that show has had us on this season!

3p Hour
Adam Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo is due with baby #2 in just a few weeks and Ellen DeGeneres will be involved in the naming of this child too! If you remember, she helped name their first daughter Dusty Rose after she rejected Levine’s original choice over a text. When Adam appeared on her show this week, he and Ellen decided this time it would be a collaborative effort. You can watch the segment for yourself HERE

As always, we killed a half hour today and we learned that there are 60 construction cranes in Chicago. We see them go up, but we never seem to see them come down! It’s one of the mysteries of the city. Thanks to all for playing today, but congrats to Tom in South Elgin for being the first one to get it!

4p Hour
It’s time for another episode of Texting with a Teen! If you have a teenager, you know that texting with them can be highly dramatic (lots of cry me a river-type conversations) and this week’s episode is all about plumbing issues at Jen’s house and her daughter Michaela’s inability to take a quick shower to avoid a backup of the basement sewer line. The conversation started when Michaela asked to go shower at a friend’s house instead.

We gave away another 2nd Generation Amazon Echo! These things are so fun, and so helpful too! Congrats to Jerry for scoring the hottest gift in town!

Sadly, we don’t seem to have peaked when it comes to horrible fashion ideas because they just keep coming. Today’s revelation is the existence of flip flop socks. They are designed to ear with open toe and open heel shoes and can be found all over Etsy. See the horror for yourself HERE

Our Lack of Intelligence Report took place in New Jersey when a DUI lawyer strutted into a stranger’s home wearing nothing but a black shirt and high heels, yelling “I’M HERE!”. He left the house and was found at yet another random home, this time passed out in his car. It should surprise no one that cops found ecstasy in the vehicle, and he is now facing several charges. Sounds unbelievable.

5p Hour
Episode 3 of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz and today’s contestant was Solomon from Skokie! It was a tough round of questioning, and the final score was Solomon 3/ Jen 4 – extending Jen’s win streak to 3! Want to see how you would have done vs. Jen today? Here are today’s quetions:

1: Taylor Swift showed up at a Target last night in Nashville to buy her
new album ‘Reputation’ What does Target use for it’s logo?

2: The movie Space Jam was released 21 years ago today starring Michael Jordan. What Chicago team did Michael Jordan play for?

3: Mark Hamill surprised a bunch of fans riding StaR Tours at Disneyland. Who did Mark Hamill play in Star Wars?

4: Blake Shelton was just named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Who is Blake Shelton’s ex-wife?

5: Candice Cameron announced that Netflix will resume season 3 of Fuller House on December 22nd. What famous TV show did Fuller House spin-off from?

Want a chance to face off against Jen? Listen for your chance tomorrow!

Last week, Jen went out to dinner to celebrate her daughter’s birthday and she saw two separate company holiday parties at the restaurant! Seems a bit early, don’t you think? Definitely a money saver. Koz told us about a company that holds their annual party in the lobby of our office building with regular people walking right through it to exit the building! So we got to thinking – has your company done their holiday party on the cheap? John’s company now hold theirs at their 3 separate locations on an extended lunch break! Tricia works for a law firm that held the party in the building atrium using a boom box for musical entertainment and “heavy appetizers”.

6p Hour
We talked about a California man who is a regular at Disney’s California Adventure theme part and set a goal of riding ‘The Cars ride’ 10,000 times and he did it! The ride goal began after he had gastric bypass surgery and 2 knee replacements, ready to gain his health back. He said walking all day at the park helped him lose weight, and he even runs now! Read his story HERE

According to a spokesman for New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, Chicago pizza is better than New York style. We already knew this, but it’s nice to hear it from a non-native! Here’s the story

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Talk with you again tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/14/17 November 14, 2017

2p Hour
If you saw some smoke in the city today, it was coming from the Blommer chocolate factory! The building, located at Jefferson and Kinzie, had visible flames coming from a vent in the roof and employees were evacuated to the parking lot. For updates and details on what happened, click HERE

To celebrate it’s anniversary, the Conrad Chicago hotel was offering a special promotional rate today of just $11.14 a night! Obviously that rate sold out quickly when it was released at 11am, but you can still get a higher promo rate of $111.40/night at last check.

3p Hour
Apparently the American Music Awards will be night of the divas! Christina Aguilera is set to perform a tribute to the late Whitney Houston, and Diana Ross is performing as well. Modern day divas Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson are on the list too, so this is shaping up to be one heck of a show! Check out all the details HERE

During Kill a Half Hour it was revealed that just over 10% of us have steamed Netflix in the bathroom. Still intrigued by the number of people who guessed “eat in the bathroom” and since your guess reveals a little bit about you…

4p Hour
Our girl Lindsey Stirling made it to the Dancing with the Stars finale! While last night’s semi-finals seemed a bit lackluster (probably due to all the injuries everyone has!), we are so excited to see Lindsey and Mark next week. The downside…Property Brother Drew made it as well. It was Victoria Arlen who got sent home, and what an emotional send-off she had. If you missed the show, here’s a recap

We gave away another 2nd Generation Amazon Echo today! Congratulations to Alyssa in Frankfurt! She said the first thing she plans to ask Alexa is “Alexa, tell me a joke!”. Have fun with your new toy!

Stove Top, makers of boxed stuffing, is selling something else epic this holiday season: stretchy stuffing pants! They feature a high elastic waist bad certain to hide all the extra that comes with those amazing meals. See them for himself HERE

A lack of intelligence took place on the campus of University of North Texas, where a junior had a homecoming party at his place. Things got out of hand when people he didn’t even know showed up, and about 150 people started jumping up and down to the music. The floor ended up collapsing and most of the kids fell through to the apartment below. There were only a few minor injuries and a total of 50 students have been displaced.

5p Hour
Episode 2 of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz happened today! Ivy was today’s contestant and she put up a good fight! But Jen’s win streak now stands at 2, as Jen beat Ivy 5-3. Want to see how you would have done with today’s questions? Check ’em out!

1: Alec Baldwin and his wife are having another baby. What character is Alec Baldwin currently playing on SNL?
A: Donald Trump

2: Kim Kardashian, David Letterman, and other celebrities read mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. What does Twitter use for it’s logo?
A: a bird

3: Joe Biden was on The Late Show last night talking about current events with Steven Colbert. What was Joe Biden’s last job?
A: Vice President

4: The Fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy is on ABC the Thursday night. What city does Grey’s Anatomy take place in?
A: Seattle

5: Lindsey Stirling advanced to the finals last night on DWTS. What instrument does Lindsey Stirling play?
A: Violin

We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

So we know that walking and texting is a bad combo, and possibly an offense if it becomes law in Chicago. Today, Koz learned that lesson – hard. With all the construction around here, we have to pay extra attention to the new walls and corners so it’s no surprise Koz walked straight into a wall when he distractedly stepped off the elevator. He would have gotten away with it but he made a noise. What would you have gotten away with if not for the noise? Jen in Aurora fell off a step and her nosy neighbor heard the small shriek she let out and busted her!

6p Hour
The holiday festivities around Chicago officially kick off this weekend! On Friday, we have the big tree lighting ceremony at Millennium Park as well as the opening of the ice rink there and at Maggie Daley Park. Then on Saturday you can watch Michigan Ave light up during the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival! All the information you need is here!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Stove Top pants have sold out. You’ve heard of buyers remorse, Jen now has remorse for not buying! I guess we’ll have to resort to swoveralls for extra space this Thanksgiving.

Thanks for listening!

Talk with you again tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/13/17 November 13, 2017

2p Hour
So the Bears were favored to win against the Packers yesterday, but they stayed true to the stats at hand that had them lose, yet again, under favorable circumstances. Twitter went nuts after the loss, and our favorite was a meme of John Fox talking to a referee with the caption “Fox asks Bears to review contract, finds out he was never actually hired”. At least we still have our sense of humor!

Contrary to Koz’s report on Sunday, Lindsey Stirling is NOT injured ahead of tonight’s Dancing with the Stars semi-finals. Lindsey ARNOLD is – she’s the pro dancer paired with Jordan Fisher. She hurt her knee rehearsing a pro number and hasn’t definitively said if she will be able to perform or not this evening. See video of her discussing the injury HERE

3p Hour
Demi Lovato is performing on the American Music Awards, and we can’t wait! We also can’t believe it’s that time of year. The days just seem to fly by. Thanksgiving is next week already!

Nothing is better than killing a half hour on Monday, right? Helps the hardest day of the week pass by a little quicker. Today, we learned that 60% of us don’t like answering the front door when we’re home. Our winner said he doesn’t answer his door because he’s afraid it’s the in-laws!

4p Hour
Alexa-palooza all this week! Once again, we have 2nd Generation Amazon Echos to give away and we hope you have as much fun with yours as Jen does with hers. Jen’s husband uses it plan his route to work since she refuses to give him traffic reports in the morning. Congratulations to Rita in Palatine! She was so excited to win her very own Alexa (that she may hide from her son and husband). We’ll have another to give away tomorrow at 4:20!

Did you see Taylor Swift perform on Saturday Night Live? She was amazing! This weekend’s episode will feature Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper as host with musical guest Eminem. Should be pretty awesome to see those two holding down the fort at 30 Rock.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Arkansas when a 25 year-old teacher had what she’s describing as a “blonde moment”. The woman wanted to save money on car insurance by adding herself to her maw maw’s policy. When the agent asked her for her driver’s license number, date of birth, and a picture straight on and from both sides, the woman sent pics of herself instead of the car. She shared her story on Facebook and it’s closing in on 23,00 shares. At least she’s being a good sport about it! Read all about it HERE

5p Hour
Today was the day! After much brainstorming behind the scenes of the afternoon show, we launched a new game show today called Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz. Koz asks 5 pop culture questions, and if you get more right than Jen, Jen has to buy you dinner! If Jen gets more right she wins, and all ties go to Jen. Angela was our very first contestant, and she was so fun! The final score was 4-2 and Jen’s winning streak officially stands at 1. Want to play? Listen around 5:00 each day as we search for our next contestant! Want to see how you would have done today? Here are the questions:

JEN’s SHOWBIZ POP QUIZJen’s record is 1-0-0

1: Taylor Swift was on SNL performing songs off her new album ‘Reputation’ over the weekend.
Answer: 13

2: Leonardo DiCaprio just celebrated his 43rd birthday.

3: Former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood broke her wrist on Friday night when she fell down at home.
Answer: ABC

4: Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theaters next month.

5: Chip and Joanna Gaines have officially finished filming their show Fixer Upper.
Answer: HGTV

Over the weekend Jen and her husband went grocery shopping and ended up walking out with a Christmas tree and matching ugly sweaters. The holidays are in impulse buying trap, with all the blinking lights and festive displays so we wanted to know – what did you go in for and what ended up coming out of the store with you? Amelda just went to look at puppies, and ended up taking one home unexpectedly! Neeva went to home Depot for some Christmas lights and came out with a 6′ tall singing and dancing Santa! Gretchen went into Mendards for a “can of something” and came out with a $200 angel stature water fountain. Tis the season to spend that money!

6p Hour
From the “why would anyone want this?” files, we have this season’s fashion headscratcher: swoveralls. That’s right, sweat pant overalls. We’re all about being comfortable, and we all have that outfit we wear at home that we’d never wear in public, but this is on another level. Check them out for yourself HERE

Jake Arrieta’s 6 year-old son, Connor is officially a trick shot master! Little Cooper is a fan of Dude Perfect, a trick shot artist, and he attempted one of his own, perfectly tossing a baseball through a flying frisbee ring. You’ve got to see it for yourself!

Thanks for listening!

Talk with you again tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/10/17 November 10, 2017

2p Hour
Alright, let’s all calm down for a sec. It’s just a little bit of snow, yet we’re hearing reports of cars in ditches and the Niles underpass was closed at Milwaukee until they could get a salt truck through there. What’s it going to be like when we have more measurable accumulation??

Did you see what’s happening at Fitzgerald’s Sidebar in Berwyn? Every Wednesday between December 6th and 27th, the bar will transform into Nick’s from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And of course they will be playing the classic film on their big screen each night! All the details are HERE

3p Hour
It was announced today that Metra has approved their 4th straight fare hike. Some of the highlights (or lowlights): One way tickets up 25%, 10 rides will go up $4.25-$7.75, and monthly passes will rise $9-$12.25. If you want to see how this will impact your commute, click HERE

During today’s Kill a Half Hour we learned that 20% of women won’t mention that they have a cat. You know, this whole “crazy cat person” thing should just be a hashtag on Instagram, not an actual stigma! This, of course, coming from 2 people who have cats they adore!

4p Hour
Lindsey Stirling made it to the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars – all while planning her tour! It kicked off this past Wednesday and she will be in Chicago on December 6th at the Chicago Theater. If you have the VIP tickets, you’re in for a treat! She will have like a mini Lindsey museum with memorabilia, including her amazing violin collection, as well as hot chocolate and other fun surprises!

We talked about the snow again and how pretty it is to see that very first snow fall of the season. We also get sick of it REALLY fast, and once we are stuck in snow traffic for the first time we’re brought back to reality, am I right?

The Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Texas where 3 robbers stormed into a doughnut shop: one demanded money, another collected cell phones….and oen jumped over the counter, grabbed doughnuts, and handed them to customers. Wasn’t that nice of him?

5p Hour
Earlier this week, Jen had to solve a mystery when a MASSIVE cooler that she didn’t order showed up at her house via a Fed Ex truck. 18 hours later the mystery was solved – it was a fraudulent charge on her husband’s credit card. Over $500 worth of cooler! So we got to thinking, what’s the craziest thing someone has ever bought with your credit card? Listener Jen’s card was used for a first date! A J Date profile, flowers, and clothes from Old Navy. James had someone attempt to get 2 $25,000 student loans in his name, and he found out when the rejection letters came in the mail. Ann found out someone purchased a TV and rented an apartment in her name, so she went to the apartment and took the TV back! Thanks for all the calls today!

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s 1972 divorce papers went up for auction! the 12 page-long document was signed twice by the King and show that Priscilla got 2 cars, a Harley, and $100,000. By today’s standards that’s nothing!!! All the details here

Kris Bryant married his long-time love back in January, but they weren’t able to take their honeymoon. Today was finally the day, but they ended up missing their flight! The whole scene played out in a series of Tweets. Check it out HERE

6p Hour
Did you hear the one about the Driverless shuttle that wrecked on it’s first day of service? Not a joke. It happened in Vegas when a truck backed into the van. The damage was minor and police say the accident probably wouldn’t have happened if the truck had the same technology as the van.

The Bears are favored to win against the Packers on Sunday. Everyone seems to think it’s actually going to happen, but Koz wouldn’t put himself out there and predict the final score. Jen says it will be 27-10, but if that ends up being accurate it will be a miracle as she had absolutely no reason to pick those numbers other than “they sounded good”. GO BEARS!

Thanks for listening!

Have a GREAT weekend and we’ll talk with you on Monday at 2p!
– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/9/17 November 9, 2017

2p Hour
Starbucks BOGO holiday drinks are back! For every holiday drink you buy between 2p-5p, you get one free to share with a friend. If you want to share one with us, Jen likes the Chestnut Praline Latte and Koz will take an Eggnog Latte. Thanks in advance!

The Bulls got trolled HARD by the Milwaukee Bucks when the Bucks posted their online ticket package. Buck’s fans can pick the games they want to see, and instead of visiting team logos every team in the plan has a photo of their star player. They used Benny the Bull for our star. OUCH!

3p Hour
Celine Dion is now an EDM queen! Celine took to the stage for a Las Vegas benefit show on Tuesday, and after performing My Heart Will Go On, Steve Aoki joined her. That’s when things got a little a crazy

During Kill a Half Hour we learned it’s been 3 years since a mall was built in America! Seems hard to believe but it’s true. The last one went up in 2014 in Sarasota, Florida. Course, nothing beats our very own Woodfield Mall. Could this be the last mall ever built?

4p Hour
Illinois ranks 38th on the list of safest drivers. The only surprise there is that we aren’t lower on that list. When it comes to speeding, we have only the 18th highest rate which confirms our traffic is so bad you actually can’t speed if you want to. At least we are safe, we have the 4th highest rate of seat belt usage at a whopping 95% Jen is cool with the bad traffic – it keeps her employed!

We’ve been giving away 2 generation Amazon Echos all week long! Today’s winner was Kanna from Elburn and she’s pretty sure her kids will be the first to use it! Congrats, Kanna.

If you’ve been listening over the last couple of months, you know the Mix office is in the thick of a major overhaul. Walls have come down, carpet has been ripped up, and we no longer have a view! We are left watching the sun set off the building next door. We talked about the weather changing and how perfect that BOGO Starbucks would be for your ride home tonight! Hurry before the deal ends on November 13th!

The Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Florida when a woman went shopping at Walmart and bought $1,800 worth of electronics for just $3.80! How’d she do it? She took bar code stickers from the clearance section and put them on top of the expensive ones. She was busted on surveillance and has been charged with felony grand theft. That’s 99% off…to JAIL!

5p Hour
Koz told an EPIC story about how he got out of a traffic ticket in California – the cop said he clocked him doing 104 mph! Luckily, he had a CD of the Carpenters in the player, and said it was impossible to speed while listening to that! The cop just looked at him and told him to slow down. So we want to know, how have you gotten out of a ticket? Christine’s boyfriend was pulled over for speeding while driving on a suspended license, but they told the cop she was pregnant and not feeling well and they let them go! Jessica’s cop couldn’t believe her Dodge Colt station wagon could do 97, so he let her slide. So many great calls today, giving us some new ideas for the future.

We recently read that Hawaii implemented distracted walking laws, and now it’s being talked about here in Chicago. The proposed ordinance would set fines between $90 and $500 depending on the violation. We’ve all played chicken with people texting as they stroll down the street. What are your thoughts?

6p Hour
Did you see Pink’s performance on the CMAs last night? She wowed the crowd with ‘Barbies’. We firmly believe she can perform any song anywhere and be incredible. See for yourself here

Breaking news! It’s being reported that Chicago will be hosting the 2020 NBA All Star game! It really is incredible to live in a place that hosts so many incredible events (we won’t discuss the Olympics) and it’s great to see the All Star game come back for the first time since 1988 when the Bulls still played at Chicago Stadium. There’s a press conference set for tomorrow.

Thanks for listening!

Talk to you tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/8/17 November 8, 2017

2p Hour
We woke up to the coldest temps of the season thus far, and with that comes thoughts of all things wintry – leaves falling off trees in quick fashion, frost on the grass, and outdoor skating rinks. There’s a rumor floating around that the 2019 Winter Classic will feature the Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins at Notre Dame Stadium! The Hawks are frequent participants of the outdoor event, so we have something to look forward to while they focus on a fully-indoor season this year!

The new iPhone X is all the rage right now, selling out and stealing headlines day after day. Today’s story involves a camera that is TOO good. You read that right. Twitter is flooded with people complaining the phone’s updated camera is so good, it shows everything including their flaws. Could we finally see a decline in the selfie obsession? But if you don’t quite like what you see, use a filter and remember: there’s always an app for that.

3p Hour
Former President Obama reported for jury duty this morning at Daley Plaza. He may have had a ride in a separate elevator, but he had his red ‘JUROR’ badge like everyone else! His pool was dismissed a short time later, and he will not be sitting on a jury any time soon.

During Kill a Half Hour, we learned that a little over 10% of people will not be buying gifts this year. We are calling those people the anti-Oprah.

4p Hour
Anything good ever happen to you on a sick day? A woman in Kansas bought some lottery tickets to cheer herself up when she wasn’t feeling good and took the day off work. $20 worth of scratch-off tickets led to a $50,000 jackpot! All this week we are giving away 2nd generation Amazon Echo, but Jen asked Alexa to pick numbers for her and Alexa said she doesn’t play the lottery. Some decisions you just have to make on your own. Congrats goes out to Peter from Hanover Park! He scored an Echo at 4:20!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report went International! Police in western Canada arrived on scene of accident involving a car and a truck and found the car occupied by 5 naked people. Authorities are referring to the incident as a “purposeful collision” and are trying to piece together exactly what happened.

Everyone calm down! There will NOT be a Sharknado play coming to a theater near you. Creators of the cult-classic tv movie series have filed suit against people trying to put on a stage reading of the film in southern California. They say its a direct ripoff and will hurt their bottom line.

5p Hour
Koz and Jen are the first to admit that they have little to no negotiating skills, but their spouses do! Over the weekend, Jen’s husband got on the phone with company XYZ to save money on a bill and by the end of the call, they were paying less and getting more! Michelle told us she saved $5,000 on medical bills by being persistent and we think that’s incredible! But Jerry wins the day, telling us he saved over $100,000 on a house! It was about good timing and solid negotiating skills. We bow at your feet, Jerry!

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Reputation’ is getting enough buzz all on its own, but did you know she has a collaboration with Ed Sheeran on it? You know it’s a good song if he’s involved! The track is called “End Game” and it’s the second single the 2 artists have done together over the years. Read all the details HERE while you wait for the full album to drop on Friday.

6p Hour
Thanks to Aaron Rodgers and his injury, the Bears are favored for the first time this season when they play the Packers at Soldier Field on Sunday! No pressure, but don’t blow it guys. Who do you think will come out victorious?

Today Jen’s oldest daughter turned 18! It was an emotional day for Jen, and she likes to cope with humor so we called Michaela to conduct a childhood exit interview! We asked her if she’s ready for her new position (no, wrinkles and responsibilities stink), her use of the company car (squeaky clean record) and her replacement (10 year old sister Raina). She’s wise enough to know she had it good as a child and wishes she was granted more days off during her time with the company. Happy 18th birthday, Michaela!

Thanks for listening!

Talk with you tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/7/17 November 7, 2017

2p Hour
Koz got a reminder from Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature that, at this time 3 years ago, the Millennium Park ice rink was already open! This year it opens on November 17th, kicking off a weekend of holiday festivities! Want more information? Click here!

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars results revealed who made it to the semi-finals next week! Lindsey Stirling is IN, along with Jordan Fisher, Drew Scott, Victoria Arlen, and Frankie Muniz. We strongly believe Drew the Property Brother should NOT be in the finale, but only time (and heavy voting for the other contestants) will tell.

3p Hour
Robo call revenge is a thing! Some genius dude got tired of getting 10 robo calls a day at work, so he created a website that will block the calls for you AND dial them back up to 2 million times a day! If the spammer answers, they will hear a loud ‘do not call back’ message. Why didn’t we think of that?!

During Kill a Half Hour, we learned that it costs about $360 to make the new iPhoneX. That makes the markup pretty tremendous! People don’t seem to care, because it’s sold out even with the high price tag. Friend of the show Theresa not only guessed correctly, she also accurately guessed how much it costs to make a television and we feel like we need to study something to keep up with her brain.

4p Hour
We are having so much fun giving away Amazon Echo generation 2 this week, and to add to the fun Jen is trying to get her Alexa to be her friend. This morning, Jen said “Alexa, do you like my outfit?” Her response: “I don’t have an opinion on that” leaves room for the friendship to grow. She intends to keep working on it. Congratulations to Michael from Manhattan for winning his very own 2nd generation Amazon Echo!

Christkindlemarket will have another location in addition to the famous downtown spot – The Park at Wrigley! From November 24th through December 31st, you can enjoy shopping, food and beverages right next to Wrigley Field, but we’re pretty sure they won’t have the famous boot mug either.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened at 40,000 feet when a woman used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone, discovering he was having an affair. The intoxicated woman lost her mind, and after the flight crew failed to calm her down the plane had to make an emergency landing. The couple was then put on the next plane back home, ending the vacation before it began. This is further proof that nothing good ever comes from snooping in your spouse’s phone.

5p Hour
A list came out telling men what good morning texts will make her day. We got to talking about the last text message from our significant others and Jen got a text from her husband saying “Hi love, I got to work and saw your picture and I just wanted to tell you I love you. Hope you have a wonderful day!” Koz’s wife said “it’s ok, wine was needed”. We wanted to know – what’s the last text you got from your significant other? Chris called to share his wife’s “We’ll figure it out like we always do”, a true sign of partnership. Annie’s husband texted her “the bathroom better be empty when I get home” and Tracy’s husband summoned her back home with “home soon? Feel awful”. Karen’s husband texted her advice for her fantasy football team! We had so much fun with these calls today!

Oprah came out with her Favorite Things List: 2017 and it seems the days of glitz and glamour and excess are gone. Making this list this year are: $69 chicken pie, 4 chocolate bars made with olive oil, a DNA kit, and a frozen dinner maker. For those keeping track, a frozen dinner maker is NOT a fancy name for a microwave like Jen thought.

6p Hour

If you get an email from Netflix, don’t click the
! There’s a new scam heading to inboxes that looks legit, telling you you account has been suspended pending a billing update. It tells you to click on a link and enter your credit card info, but this will lead to your information being stolen. More than 100 million subscribers have been targeted so far, and Netflix is working to try to figure out where this is coming from.

Koz’s dog-in-law has been staying with him for the past few days, and he’s started referring to him as ‘Charlie the pee machine’, because he seems to need to go A LOT. We checked in with Koz’s son Austin for a status update, and for Jen to confirm if the tales were tall or true. Turns out, Charlie has been a bit naughty and Austin confirmed many swears have been overheard around the house. Now that this has been discussed in public, Koz is afraid to go home!

Thanks for listening!

Talk with you tomorrow at 2p!
– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/6/17 November 6, 2017

2p Hour
Have you seen the pics of the Chicago River from over the weekend? It got a dye-job! The regular brownish-green was invaded by a greenish-blue, and city department officials say they think it was due to “natural environmental changes” – otherwise known as sludge.

McRib mania is in full effect! Have you had one yet? This weekend, Koz’s Facebook feed was FILLED with McRib pics, talks of McRib stops, tailgating McRibs…endless amounts of McRibs! It’s a good thing folks are taking advantage, because it’s only here for a limited time. There’s even a website to help you locate the McRib nearest you. If you don’t want to live in regret…

3p Hour
We need to have a talk. Sometimes events happen and we have to discuss what’s going on the world. The Las Vegas shooting happened just last month, last week we had the NYC bike path tragedy, and now another mass shooting took place yesterday at a church in Texas. Koz’s daughter, an avid concert goer, had friends at the country music festival in Vegas and we talked to her in the aftermath to discuss how her concert going habits might change going forward. Today, we wanted to find out from listeners how their day-to-day lives have changed and we ended up having a great conversation. Amanda from Joliet told us she looks for exits where ever she goes, to make sure she knows how to get her daughter to safety and feel more comfortable by being prepared. Richie was a volunteer for the Chicago Marathon, and she was a team leader who sent out emails to her group about what to do in the event of a race-day crisis. There were so many calls we didn’t have time to air. The bottom line is – be aware, share your knowledge, and live your life.

Major switch of gears, as we talked about Star Wars: the Last Jedi. Disney wants 65% of ticket sales (versus the usualy 40-55) and is requiring theaters to show the film in their largest theater for 4 weeks. Jen is the resident Disnerd, and even she thinks this list of demands is a little shady! What are your thoughts?

4p Hour
WHOA! We have Amazon Echo 2nd generations to give away all this week, and in case you don’t know how awesome that is, Jen has one and told us all about it! Her husband checks his travel times before heading out to work, the kids find out what the weather is so they know how to dress for the day…so many things you can do! Congratulations to Dawn from Buffalo Grove! She’s today’s winner, but we’ll have another chance tomorrow at 4:20.

Anyone have the new Iphone X? It’s sold out right now, but user reviews are coming in and some of the new features are awesome! Marcus Leshock from WGN morning news posted his first dramatic portrait using the X and the quality looks really good! Some of the reported downsides are the cost of replacing a broken screen (over $200!) and the potential for burned images. We both are content to let the reviews roll in before committing to a new phone, but so far this thing looks pretty sweet!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Germany, when an 81 year-old man called police to report an unexploded WW II bomb in his back yard. It’s always good to err on the side of caution, but the object turned out to be a really large zucchini. Even the cops involved admitted the object did look suspicious. See for your self here

5p Hour
Over the weekend, Jen’s husband took her youngest daughter to an event on a daddy/daughter date night. She came home a little hyped up, but she assumed it was lingering excitement from the night – until her daughter started freaking out, jumping up and down and complaining about feeling weird. Turns out, Jen’s husband gave her a souvenir sized cup of Mountain Dew! She was fine the next morning, but it was rough for a minute! Koz didn’t have a story to share (his wife confirmed this to be true), so we asked listeners to call in with their stories of “I made an executive decision for the kids and lived to regret it”. Sheri took her 14 year-old step son to see Wolf of Wall Street! They don’t talk about it now, for obvious reasons. Nick’s wife went out, leaving him with their 6 children. He let them split a massive tub of ice cream and would have gotten away with it if not for the tummy aches! Cari’s husband tossed their 3 year-old in the air at a furniture store, letting her land on the bed in the showroom…except it wasn’t a bed, it was boxes covered in sheets and pillows!

Jake Arrieta might be on the way out of the north side in free agency, but the Cubs have extended qualifying offers to try and keep him. If it doesn’t work out, a couple of teams are rumored to be interested in him – mainly the Brewers and the White Sox! We would rather see Jake on the South side because we wouldn’t have to face him much that way!

6p Hour
We caught up with Mix artist Lindsey Stirling, currently competing on Dancing with the Stars. Last week she suffered a rib injury (did you know we all have a floating rib?!) and struggled through the pain to make it to Trio Week tonight. She said she’s feeling more like herself and she wants to make it to the finale! We are doing everything we can to keep her in, so make sure you vote! She’ll be here on December 6th at the Chicago Theater for her Warmer in the Winter tour!

A Nashville woman went into labor on Halloween, and her doctor had to rush to the hospital from his home where he was in full costume. Turns out, he was full-on Heath Ledger Joker! A picture of him in his costume, draped in a hospital gown and wielding medical instruments is going viral. Would you want to look at that during delivery?

Thanks for listening!

Talk with you tomorrow at 2p!
-KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/2/17 November 2, 2017

2p Hour
Congratulations to the Houston Astros, World Series Champions! It’s always good for the sport when a team wins for the first time in franchise history, but it looks like the ratings couldn’t come close to last year’s drought-ending win for the Cubs. Game 7 for the Dodgers and Astros brought in 25 million viewers compared to 40 million in 2016. Koz’s daughter Kylie, a Dodgers fan, is learning all about sports heartbreak and is already looking forward to next season.

Every year, Starbucks comes out with a new cup for the holiday season and every year people aren’t happy. It’s too festive, its not festive enough, it’s too red…you can’t please anyone! This year they have done the ultimate troll – color it yourself! The design is black and white holiday images, and they will provide colored pencils so you can spice it up. If you’re still not satisfied, you only have yourself to blame.

3p Hour
Did you see Kelly Clarkson on Jimmy Fallon last night? He challenged her to sing one of her songs backwards, and now Gone Been You Since is sure to be a smash hit! Koz reminded everyone that she’s playing Miracle a Holiday Concert for the kids, and 4:20 at Miracle at Clarkson Kelly see to tickets win!

During Kill a Half Hour we learned that potato chips are the most dangerous food to eat while driving. Our clues were ‘greasy’ and ‘spud’ and French fries were the most popular guess. We also had someone guess ‘beef sandwich’ and it left us thinking how the heck anyone could eat that in a car!

4p Hour
The Millennium Park Christmas tree has been chosen! Darlene Dorfler of Grayslake and her 62-foot tall Norway Spruce beat out 71 other trees and will be on display south of the ice rink. The tree lighting ceremony will take place on November 17th!

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek recently recounted a story from back in the day involving a hash brownie binge. It happened at a friend’s house after he first moved to California. Trebek says he’s a chocoholic and ate 6 brownies, having no idea they were “special”. He spent the better part of 2 days in bed, unable to get up.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Germany. That’s where a man went to the movies and brought a beer (totally legal there!), but forgot a bottle opener. He went all McGyver and attempted to use a pepper spray canister to open it, breaking the canister and releasing the spray in a theater of 200 people. No one was injured and the theater opened up some windows to vent, starting the movie about 30 minutes later.

5p Hour
Halloween is over, and we all know someone who just can’t wait to move right on to Christmas. Jen’s daughter was wearing Christmas socks and an ornament sweater the very next day! We asked people for their stories – Barb said her husband refuses to put up Christmas decorations before Black Friday. We need to celebrate one holiday at a time, and Thanksgiving shouldn’t be an afterthought!

Lots of people like pineapple on pizza (though Jen is not one of them), but how do you feel about strawberries? Twitter went nuts after someone posted a picture of their pizza with the red fruit on top. Reactions are mixed, but we think you should just leave pizza alone! The question is: would you eat it if it was free?

6p Hour
Lady Gaga ended her engagement to Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney in July of last year, and now word is out that she got engaged over the summer to talent agent Christian Carino. The couple began dating just before she performed the Super Bowl half time show, and Carino went old fashioned by asking Gaga’s dad for permission before he proposed. We want to know – what will that wedding look like? She can’t simply walk down the aisle! We’re thinking drone…

In the latest episode of Keeping up with the Narcissists, Khloe Kardashian brought a lighting crew to the DMV for her new driver’s license picture. It’s kind of a rule of the afternoon show to NOT talk about the Kardashian clan, but sometimes they do something SO dumb we just have to.

Thanks for listening!
– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 11/01/17 November 1, 2017

2pm Hour
It’s the day after Halloween, and as we all try to come down off the sugar high, its fun to reminisce on the best candy and costumes of the day! Jen saw 2 teens wearing the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ghost costume with too many holes, and Koz liked all the tiny humans that came around – specifically a mini Frankenstein’s monster. Now to finish collecting the candy tax from the kids…

Tonight is game 7 of the World Series in L.A. It’s the first time we have had back-to-back game 7s since 2002. And while the Dodgers/Astros battle has been epic, we are pretty sure the Cubs’s win last year will still hold the #1 spot on the list of the 10 best. Nothing will ever beat 2016!

3pm Hour
We’re on day 574 of office reconstruction (not really, but it feels like it) and we continue to be lonely on the broadcast side while the rest of the team is in a temporary facility. The upside – we got the good Halloween candy leftovers and not many people to share them with! Koz took a Twix to stir his coffee with, and a new trend has started.

During Kill a Half Hour, we learned that 20,000 Americans lose fillings every year. Most of those happen on Halloween and we think Dots are the likely culprit. Get that candy outta here!

4pm Hour
Today we had an installment of Jen’s Texting with Her Teen. It all started Monday when Jen’s daughter blew up her phone asking if she could take a ride share home from school instead of waiting outside for the bus for 15 minutes. The exchange that followed involved her daughter asking for black roses at her funeral as she died of frostbite on the lawn of the school. It was about 40 degrees that day, so Jen reminded her how good she had it and asked her to “stop bothering me during the show with this crap!” What will the next saga be?

We gave away another pair of tickets to Miracle a Holiday Concert for the Kids featuring Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, and new Mix artist Lights on December 5th at the Rosemont Theater. Congrats to Carrie in Plainfield!

EVERYBODY is on late night TV tonight! Maroon 5 on Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton on Seth Meyers, Ellen and Pink on Jimmy Kimmel (with guest host Channing Tatum!) and Sam Smith will be on James Corden! If they do Carpool Karaoke, they will have to be in the slow lane. Slow jams stay on the right!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened a little too close for comfort near Milwaukee. That’s where a mom used her 10 year old son to hold down a plastic pool – on the roof of her car! She used the ol’ “my father did things like that when we were kids!” excuse. It didn’t hold up with officers, she was arrested and is facing 10 years behind bars.

5pm Hour
Early this morning, a woman gave birth to twins at the Roosevelt Red Line station! It’s not the first time something like this has happened – we’ve had Blue line and Lake Shore Drive babies just in the last year! We asked listeners to call in with their unusual birth stories, and WOW! Anna from Chicago was born in a car near Diversey and California when her mom said “the baby is in my underwear!” and Laura from Arlington Heights had her hospital driveway birth upstaged by a lady in a Starbucks bathroom that same day!

Lindsey Stirling is Dancing with the Injury! She battled through her performance on Monday after suffering a pretty bad rib injury last week. Her partner Mark Ballas kept trying to get her to scale back a bit on practice, but she was determined not to let her injury hold her back. We will check in with her in the next few days to find out how she’s doing and how she’s juggling rehearing for both the show and her tour. We welcome Lindsey to Chicago on December 6th at the Chicago Theater.

Remember the story of birds crashing into the new glass front Apple store on Michigan ave? Well now it’s humans! Reports are in that store employees are applying reflective tape to the glass to avoid seeing any more forehead prints on their apparently too-clean glass walls! We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

6pm Hour
Last week the Navy rescued 2 women after being lost at sea for 5 months – or so we thought. Experts are saying their story of surviving storms and sharks and living off purified salt water does not add up. There’s no record of a storm like the one described and the Coast Guard is now investigating.

Selena Gomez recently broke up with the Weekend, and the rumor mill is already spinning that she’s back together with Justin Beiber. If it’s true, they aren’t doing much to hide it. The former couple been photographed together several times recently, including a joyful bike ride this morning.

Thanks for listening! Talk with you again tomorrow at 2pm!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 10/30/17 October 30, 2017

2pm hour
Did you see the Bears game yesterday? Tight end Zach Miller suffered a horrific injury, and this morning word came that he had emergency surgery to save his leg. It’s been a scary 24 hours for him and his family, so we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Last week we talked about the new Apple store on Michigan Ave and the problem it’s causing for birds tempted by the beautiful trees behind the glass façade. Good news! Apple announced it has decided to reduce the lights in the evening to cut back on injuries to nature.
3om hour
Miracle a Concert for the Kids lineup was announced today and WOW! What a line up! Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, and Lights. This year it will be at the Rosemont Theater on December 5th and tickets going on sale Thursday. Your Win tickets at 4:20 this afternoon!

During Kill a Half Hour we learned that 40% of kids don’t want black licorice!
4pm hour
Halloween candy power rankings exist, and Reese’s is king! Peanut butter cups and their spinoffs occupy 4 of the top 10 spots on the list.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report hit a little close to home, just over the border in Wisconsin. Some dude got locked in a walk-in beer cooler at Kwik Trip in Marshfield. He drank beer until he was able to get out at 6am. Sure, he could have knocked on the glass window to get somebody to let him out, but YOLO, right?

5pm hour
Halloween is tomorrow, so it’s time to talk candy strategy! We all have a game plan, and Koz and Jen agree – if there’s history with a kid in the neighborhood and it’s not exactly good history, that kid gets less! Awesome costume? Excellent manners? You get a handful!

Chris is out in the burbs and she likes trick-or-treater to work for their candy. Be funny, be polite, wear a great costume. Joe in Indiana kicks single trick-or-treaters some extra candy if they’re by themselves and Rene does chili and shots for the adults. We put a trace on her call to find out where THAT party is.

Could Grandpa Rossy be making a return to the Cubs dugout next year? Rumor has it he’s in the running to be the bench coach for the 2018 season.

6:00 hour
Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 18th with musical guest Eminem. You read that right, he’s hosting! He’s just one of a string of amazing hosts for the remainder of 2017.

Royal watchers on alert! Prince Harry is coming to town tomorrow to help with the Obama Foundation. Speaking of Obama, he got called to jury duty in Cook County. He is set to report next month.

Thanks for listening!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 10/27/17 October 27, 2017

2pm hour
Temps are dropping around Chicago, but at least we aren’t Minnesota! They are having their first winter storm of the season, including white-out conditions! It’s only October! Check it out here if you need to feel better about mother nature in Illinois.

Simon Cowell was taken to the hospital after falling down the stairs at home. He got up in the middle of the night (not feeling well) to go down and get some hot milk and on his way back up, he fainted and fell backwards.

He’s in a neck brace, judging the medical staff and he might not make it to X-Factor UK tomorrow night’s for the first LIVE show of the season.

3pm hour
A new section of the Elgin-O’Hare is opening up on Wednesday (11/1) and you can be the first to run/walk/bike/skate it tomorrow during Trick-Trot-Roll from 7am-1pm. There will be a 5K run, Trick-or-Treating for kids and food trucks on site. Get more info here

Do you think your dog smiles? 90% of dog owners think theirs does. That’s what we talked about on Kill a Half-Hour this afternoon (3:20-3:50p) Jen seems to think the ‘smile’ is more of an expression as they pass gas. We’ll be at Petsmart in Oak Park tomorrow from 10a-noon and I’ll make sure to point out legit smiling dogs.

4pm hour
People seem to dig the new Apple Store at Michigan and the River, but birds? Not so much. They keep flying into the glass walls. Wildlife reps are working with Apple to find a solution.

There’s a new boutique hotel coming to Navy Pier. It will be a 7-story, 222-room Hilton on the south side of Festival Hall. Should be a great place to celebrate your Millennial Wheel engagement when it opens!

A 10-year old kid in Cleveland is grounded for LIFE after taking the family car on a joyride and leading cops on a 100MPH high speed chase. It was all caught on police dashcam and covered on today’s Lack of Intelligence Report.

5pm hour
We have the third worst commute in the country. What’s your commute cheat to bypass the traffic? Jen takes Lower Wacker, Koz ditches the Jane Addams for Algonquin or Higgins, Janet from Indiana used to use the Chinatown exit off the Dan Ryan, Annie from Manhattan uses her hallway since she works from home and Dan from Chicago kept his secrets to himself. (Thanks, pal!)

A reminder to get your FREE Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell on Wednesday (11/1) for the stolen base in the World Series. No word if Tootsie Roll will do free blow pops for the next time Yasiel Puig licks his bat.

6pm hour
It’s pre-Halloween weekend. How is your will power holding up with the candy lying around the house? Jen broke into her Kit Kat bag and Koz has Snickers stashed in the freezer. If you eat through it, remember that it’s more expensive to replace Halloween candy on Halloween Eve. Good Luck!

Anthony Rizzo wins the 2017 Roberto Clemente Award for outstanding sportsmanship and community involvement. Not only has he given millions to Lurie Children’s and done so much for Chicago, but he’s NEVER charged the mound after getting hit by a pitch – and THAT is sportsmanship!

Thanks for listening and have a GREAT weekend!

Talk to you Monday at 2pm!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 10/26/17 October 26, 2017

2pm hour
Happy Anniversary Southside! The White Sox won the World Series 12 years ago today when they swept the Houston Astros. The Astros won their first ever World Series game last night in L.A. and a Dodger loss is great for Cubs fans.

Demi Lovato just announced her tour. She’s coming to All State Arena on March 9th

Adele might need a BIGGER bank. Rumor is she’s been offered $26 million ($500K per show) for a Vegas residency. She’s hinted that she’s done with touring because she hates to be away from her son.

REPLAY Lincoln Park is still dressed up as MOE’s Tavern from The Simpsons through Halloween. The local news is more entertaining since they’re showing Kent Brockman from Channel 6 on old school tube TV’s. Grab a Duff’s or a Flaming Moe – keep an eye out for Krusty the Clown when you look down in the gutter on Sheffield.

3pm hour
How much are you spending on Halloween Candy this year? The average American drops $16.45 on the candy. It sucks to go trick-or-treating in Ohio where they spend just over 11 bucks, but Oregon is the place to be! They spend over $40 on what is obviously KING SIZE candy.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are in baby making mode. They’re shooting for next Christmas .

4pm hour
If you’re doing glitter tongue for Halloween – DON’T!
Because if you do, here’s what could happen to you.
* Swallowing glitter can make you constipated
* You could be putting unhealthy bacteria in your stomach
There are edible glitters on the market now, but you have to special order them.

ProTip: If you’re going to commit fraud by running up on a stopped car, throw yourself on the hood and then lay in the middle of the road playing dead, make sure the car you assault doesn’t have a dash cam. See the Lack of Intelligence Report video.

5pm hour
Is there a Halloween Grizwold in your neighborhood? Koz has some friends that have pretty much put ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in their front yard. It’s become a MUST VISIT every Halloween for families. Grant called us from the city to tell us about a home with massive inflatables and great candy. Tracy from Elgin told us they used to be the Grizwold Halloween house (complete with screaming kids running away) until their decorations were stolen.

6pm hour
Would you let Amazon enter your house to drop off a package? If so, Amazon Key starts up on 11/8. Teresa from Chicago says she’d be cool with it, but was hesitant to let Koz and Jen in to drop off concert tickets or other Mix prizes.

Movies are expensive and Regal Movie Theaters are working on a pricing plan that would let you pay less for bad movies. This would have saved Koz (and many others) money on Geostorm last weekend. They plan to test the pricing next year.

Thanks for listening! Talk with you again tomorrow starting at 2p!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 10/25/17 October 25, 2017

2pm hour
Looking ahead: Christmas is two months from today.
Looking back: The Facebook memories of the Cubs in game one of last year’s World Series came flooding back today. How many game posts showed up in your feed? Here’s to another run in 2018!
Cards Against Humanity just opened up their first ever ‘pop-up’ location at Block 37 in the city. If you’ve never played CAH, it’s a great tool to test the boundaries of your friendships.
3pm hour
Because every two weeks is so last century, McDonald’s and other companies are trying to lure millennials with daily paychecks. It’s only a matter of time until you can direct deposit to your Starbucks gift card.

Today’s Kill a Half-Hour at 3:20p: Teenagers spend less than 10% of their money on concert tickets. Koz floated the idea of ala Scarte concert ticket pricing. Only pay for the songs you want to see your favorite artist sing.
4pm hour
As another World Series begins, CBS Sports says last year’s CUBS World Series was the best of all-time. They say that game 7 was a “10-inning acid trip that tested the limits of your sanity.” Would you agree? And will that feeling ever go away?

Meanwhile at ESPN, they forgot that the Sox went 11-1 in the 2005 post-season to win the World Series while saying the ’98 Yankees were the “only team in the Wild Card Era to win the World Series with 2 losses or fewer.” Even as Cubs fans, we can’t believe the Southside dis.

Katy Perry is at the United Center tonight for her Mix Concert Event, but she crashed a wedding in St. Louis over the weekend with 30-40 of her crew. She took a photo with the bride and groom, no word if she drank any of their booze (or bought a round) but it had a better outcome than the woman who crashed a Florida wedding to spy on her ex-boyfriend. Stalking+Wedding Crashing+Fighting=jail and today’s Lack of Intelligence Report.

5pm hour
Has anyone every left you something surprising in a will? Koz found out he’ll inherit his grandparents bedroom furniture at a much later date. Jenny from Chicago called to say she got her great, great, great grandmother’s wicker trash can. Kelly from Chicago is getting a house (with dogs included) from some old neighbors and Skyler out in the burbs is getting 15 porcelain doll heads from her grandmother.

6pm hour
Hockey let down! Expansion sports teams are NOT supposed to be this good. The Golden Knights knocked off the Hawks last night in Vegas. The Bears are going for 3-in-a-row this weekend in New Orleans. What is this? pseudo-1985?

Thanks for listening! Talk with you again tomorrow starting at 2p!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES: 10/24/17 October 24, 2017

2pm hour
It’s rainy and windy today and this afternoon started with Jen’s umbrella getting ‘Chicagoed’ at Randolph and Michigan. We’ve all been there and her umbrella joins the pile of twisted aluminum that the wind Gods have destroyed.
… and since you need money to buy new things, Mega Millions has increased the base jackpot to $40 million. (They raised it from $15M) and ticket prices go up to $2 starting this Saturday.

3pm hour
If you’re a Cubs fan, this might be a rough week since Facebook memories have begun reminding us of last year’s World Series. Does facebook memories go back to 2005?

Today on Kill a Half-Hour, we learned that less than 10 percent of us have used a piece of hair to floss their teeth. Seriously, do you really need to get that popcorn kernel out that badly?

4pm hour
Megan from Munster, IN won tickets to see Pink at the United Center on March 9th. We’ll have more tickets to give away at 4:20 tomorrow afternoon. (Tix on sale at Ticketmaster.com)

Did you see Ellen scare the crap out of Sam Smith? He says he lives in a 300-year old haunted house and after what Ellen did to him today, he probably can’t wait to get back home.

On today’s Lack of Intelligence Report an ex-girlfriend went off the deep end and drove her ex’s Mercedes into his pool.

5pm hour
We talked about John Stamos’ perfect Disney themed proposal, but not all wedding proposals are perfect. Maggie from Chicago told us a speaker phone ruined hers and Kevin from Downers Grove said his father-in-law gave him up before he asked his daughter. (Both couples are still happily married)

If you dig Kit-Kat and quesadillas, head up to Wisconsin for Taco Bell’s experimental ‘Chocoladilla’
Mix Artist (and friend of the show) Lindsey Stirling scored perfect 10’s last night for her robotic Tango on DWTS. We’ll talk to her again on Friday and ask her how she felt about guest judge Shania Twain’s ‘singing’

6pm hour
Game one of the (Cubless) World Series is tonight. It’s gonna be 100 degrees in L.A. and we’re wondering what will get more screen time. Yasiel Puig tonguing his bat or Larry King spoon feeding himself.

Thanks for listening! Talk with you again tomorrow starting at 2p!

– KOZ and Jen

Kill a Half-Hour (10/19) October 19, 2017

Companies who buy these, end up not using 43% of them. What is it?
Clues: ‘Perk’ and ‘Event’
A: Tickets to concerts and sporting events – (Congrats to Jennifer from Lake in the Hills)

Kill a Half-Hour (10/5) October 5, 2017

In 1992, the average household spent 17 minutes a day doing this. Today, it’s down to about 8 minutes. What is it?
Clues: ‘Chore’ and ‘Kitchen’
A: The dishes (Congrats to Neil from Chicago)

Kill a Half-Hour (10/4) October 4, 2017

Guys say they’re more willing to do this with a woman in the fall compared to any other time of year. What is it?
Clues were: ‘Couch’ and ‘The Notebook’
Answer: Watch a chick flick (Congrats to Madison from Aurora)