Eric in the Morning Podcast

The MIX Morning Show podcast features daily highlights from the morning show on 101.9fm THE MIX WTMX Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled, engaged, perhaps informed but at the least, entertained.

Santa Selection Time and Thrill Seeking - 12/15/2017

Worst Holiday Party and Santa Selection Time - 12/14/2017

Fake vs Real and Unfollow on Facebook - 12/11/2017

Mark Suppelsa WGN and Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp - 12/08/2017

Teacher Gifts and The Spoiled Man - 12/07/2017

Hot Tea and Hot Mix Wednesday - 12/06/2017

Bad Shaving Accidents and Regret the Text - 12/05/2017

Exotic Food You Ate and First Holiday Together - 12/04/2017

Hot Mix Whip Lunchtime Hits and House Rules as a Kid - 12/01/2017

I Still Ate It and Broke the Mom Rules - 11/30/2017

Almost Divorced Over and Teacher Asked You To - 11/29/2017

Is Kissing Cheating and Change the Movie Ending - 11/28/2017

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp - 11/27/2017

The Thanksgiving Edition - 11/21/2017

You Break It You Buy It and Lost Your Car - 11/20/2017

Wardrobe Emergency and Do Not Approach Her - 11/17/2017

Where Are Payphones and Caught in Your Underpants - 11/16/2017

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp - 11/15/2017

Melissa Bed Burning and Boob Incidents - 11/14/2017

Melissa the Pusher and You Broke What Bone - 11/13/2017

Bad Whip and DIY Medical Procedure - 11/10/2017

Bad Whip and Run Into Ex - 11/08/2017

Still Be Friends and Top 10 Dreams - 11/07/2017

Bad Whip and Run Into Ex - 11/06/2017

Impress Your Buddies and Favorite Youtube Videos - 11/03/2017