Eric in the Morning Podcast

The Eric in the Morning podcast with Melissa & Whip features daily highlights from the morning show on 101.9fm THE MIX WTMX Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled, engaged, perhaps informed but at the least, entertained.

Airport Famous Level and My Devices Are Spying On Me - 07/11/2018

Stressed Out on Vacation and Enjoy Doing Alone - 07/10/2018

Big Moment Your Parents Missed and My Bad Sunburn - 07/09/2018

You Are The Worst Driver and Your Side Hustle - 06/28/2018

Relationship Rules and Came On Too Hot - 06/27/2018

How Your Parents Met and V Steam - 06/26/2018

Got Busy with the Boss and Paid Kid To - 06/25/2018

Strange Inheritance and Overlooked Sibling - 06/19/2018

Blindsided and FOBO - 06/18/2018

Returned Items and Father Phrases - 06/14/2018

Sexy Dad Bods and Tidbit Wednesday with Melissa - 06/13/2018

Impulsive Purchases and Dating Dumb Guys - 06/12/2018

Exotica Convention and Mom Too Loud - 06/11/2018

Im Cheap and Three Story Thursday - 06/07/2018

Number of Friends and Hiding From Your Spouse - 06/06/2018

It Was Meh and That Is Disgusting - 06/05/2018

Debate on First Date and Huh - 06/04/2018

Attached Too Quickly and Recurring Nightmares - 05/31/2018

Me Time and Quickly Moved In Together - 05/30/2018

Eric in the Morning - 05/29/2018

Crappy Summer Jobs and Wedding Hookups

Sayings in Your House and How Dad Annoys You - 05/24/2018

You Did Not Know and Happy Boobs - 05/23/2018

You Can Not Stop Doing and Gave You the Finger - 05/22/2018

Guy Excuses to Get Out of It and Upstaged at Your Wedding - 05/21/2018