Eric in the Morning Podcast

The Eric in the Morning podcast with Melissa & Whip features daily highlights from the morning show on 101.9fm THE MIX WTMX Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled, engaged, perhaps informed but at the least, entertained.

Crime Stoppers and Wedding Hashtags - 08/14/2018

Crazy In Laws and Desirability Age - 08/13/2018

Strange Food Combinations and The Dog Watches - 08/10/2018

Dads Dating Advice and Is Watching Porn Cheating - 08/09/2018

Pregnancy Stripe and Most Boring Couple - 08/08/2018

You Had to Be Rescued and Longest DIY Project - 08/07/2018

Finish the Phrase and 5 Relationship Dates - 08/02/2018

Received a Reward and Our Chicago Accent - 08/01/2018

They Still Impress You and Compatible Questions - 07/31/2018

Your Text Caused an Issue and After Getting Busy - 07/30/2018

Got Fired and In the Dog House - 07/26/2018

Dodged Your Baby Name and Required to Like Her Posts - 07/25/2018

Most Danceable Songs and Gush About Last Date Night - 07/24/2018

Beer Goggles for Women and Melissa IDOT Sign Ideas - 07/23/2018

Dad Is A Pain and Wearing Her Underpants - 07/19/2018

Safest Jobs Ever and Worst Question Asked at a Bar - 07/18/2018

You Got Ghosted and Show Me Your Grades - 07/17/2018

Your Kid Said and IPhone Annoys You - 07/16/2018

Airport Famous Level and My Devices Are Spying On Me - 07/11/2018

Stressed Out on Vacation and Enjoy Doing Alone - 07/10/2018

Big Moment Your Parents Missed and My Bad Sunburn - 07/09/2018

You Are The Worst Driver and Your Side Hustle - 06/28/2018

Relationship Rules and Came On Too Hot - 06/27/2018

How Your Parents Met and V Steam - 06/26/2018

Got Busy with the Boss and Paid Kid To - 06/25/2018