Eric & Kathy Podcast

The Eric & Kathy podcast features daily highlights from the morning show on 101.9fm THE MIX WTMX Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled, engaged, perhaps informed but at the least, entertained.

Cheating with Robots and Melissa Ringworm - 05/23/2017

Post Wedding Stress and Tested You as a Couple - 05/22/2017

Seeks approval of Ex - 05/19/2017

Stop Doing at This Age and Turned Off By - 05/15/2017

Lost Engagement Ring and VR Cheating - 05/12/2017

Jury Duty and Tried To Do Together - 05/11/2017

I am Boring and Your Pet Is A Jerk - 05/10/2017

Themed Wedding and So So Sex - 05/09/2017

Mom Moments and Dropped The Love You Bomb - 05/08/2017

Unexpected Locations and Makes Him Sexier - 05/05/2017

Eddie Olczyk with Kentucky Derby Picks - 05/04/2017

Explain PMS and Your Weekend Then and Now - 05/03/2017

Manswers and Your Superstitions - 05/02/2017

Seemed Like Fun and I Have a Fear Of - 05/01/2017

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson - 04/28/2017

Can Not Stop and Partner Predator - 04/27/2017

You Have What In Your Car and The Silent Treatment - 04/26/2017

On A Break and DWTS Review - 04/25/2017

Expensive Purses and Your Siblings Made You - 04/24/2017

My Guy Uses My Products and Cutesy Couples Nicknames - 04/21/2017

Who Forgot Your Name and Working Out Together - 04/20/2017

Crazy Man and You Suck At - 04/19/2017

Your YouTube Videos and Their Awful House - 04/18/2017

Sexy Time Distraction and Married the Bad Boy - 04/17/2017

Stressful Jobs and He Has a Cat - 04/14/2017